Estate Professionals Mastermind - Probate and Senior Real Estate Podcast

Top Real Estate Myths “THE MARKET’S SLOW!" Pre probate cold calling script, and more

December 14, 2022 Probate Mastery Episode 105
Estate Professionals Mastermind - Probate and Senior Real Estate Podcast
Top Real Estate Myths “THE MARKET’S SLOW!" Pre probate cold calling script, and more
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Top Real Estate Myths “THE MARKET’S SLOW” Plus Pre Probate Cold Calling | Weekly Coaching | Episode 105


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00:00 TOP REAL ESTATE MYTHS: The Market’s Slow (Real Estate Coaching)
7:06 Surviving spouses, end of life, and multiple properties to probate (Probate Situations)
13:51 Cold calling pre-probate leads (Pre-Probate Script)
18:06 EARN Course approach to attorney referrals for real estate (Real Estate Referrals)
24:44 Probate caretaker litigation - Probate sales tips (Probate Success)
29:13 Cold calling motivation and embracing impact (Real Estate Motivation)
40:59 The right price for probate real estate (Probate Sales)

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Good afternoon, good morning, good evening, depending where you are. I'm Bill Gross and this is our Probate Mastery, alumni call. We do this every Tuesday at noon Pacific time, 3:00 PM Eastern, then record it and it goes on YouTube and various social media platforms. And this is designed for people who are in the program or, or finish the program who are engaged in the practice of building their real estate business. Whether you're a real estate agent or broker, or as an investor. What I come here every week to talk about how to use the principles and the systems and the tools regarding the Probate Mastery program and apply them to our business. I'm Bill Gross and I'm just really a graduate of the program. I'm a student of Chad Corbetts and the flavor I try create is more of a colleague that we're working together, organizes a mastermind than as a teacher or coach. I wanna start with two thoughts. So before we One is here. I'd like to help you guys eliminate a phrase from your, from your, um, vocabulary, which is, the market's slow. We're limiting that phrase. I, I even hate saying it, but I'm gonna put in quote marks. The market's slow, the market's dead, the market's whatever. Because I wanna say two things. One is the market is the market, and number two, the market is really what you make of it. What I mean by that is, you know, I used to play tournament bridge when I was in college and right outta college and there you play the same hands and you put 'em back in this holder and then you compare how you played the same hands with other people. And where you really made points was on the bad hands or the weaker dealt cards. If you could take a bad hand and not lose as bad, you'd make more points than you ever could with a good hand. You can only get do so good on a good hand. And so I wanna say that life is like that. It's not really the card you dealt, it's how you play the cards you're dealt. In our real estate industry right now, and I'm gonna give you a proof to this in every market. That I've seen, and you can challenge me if I'm wrong, pull the actual data, the actual market stats in your market area. And I'm gonna tell you that my guess is this is based on my experience in the subject. Whatever the sales numbers were six months ago in a hot market, like I'm in the combined LA West side MLS we call it, and we had like 11,000 sides in June, and the market has slowed down in quote marks a lot, and we have only like 5,000, 6,000 sides in November or December, right? Only. How many do you think I need to have a great month? Anybody wanna guess? How many do I need to have? Really? If I got two a month, I'm doing great. Out of 5,000, that's all I need. Here's the other statistic. What are the number of realtors are in your board? I think on my board there's like 40,000, I forget the number. What percentage are working right now? Anybody been in a real estate office lately? Like none. Anybody host a real estate event lately, like next to none. Now they all go to the parties with free food. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about work. Ask a title rep, ask a lender, ask me. It goes into offices for a living. What the tenants like for those offices that are open. Or host people who host live events, what the attendance is like at live events or when you call people. Last week I had an offer property, been in the market for about 45 days. We offered just below list price, all cash, a little bit of closing cost, so we're really offering about 98% all cash. I couldn't get her to return my phone call for a day and a half and I'm, and there's two. There's listing agent one and two. I call, text, email. Both of them, uh, several times a day. If you know me, I'm pretty persistent. They're just not working. They're just not doing the work. Same with attorneys. Half of 'em, I, I refer a, a big case, potentially 60 million probate case to an attorney. I can't even get return my phone call. So what we tell you is that about half the people have checked out, which is fine, and if your place in life is to check out now, which is great. I got the phone with a friend of mine on my team. He and his wife took their grandkids for like a week and a half. Good for them. That's why you work hard is to, is to do those things. But if you're supposed to work, then work. If you're not supposed to work, great. Enjoy the time off. I'm all for that. You know, me and I responsibilities have come up, but Unfortu chip, I had some health issues. My family, not me, but my family members, so I have to take some time off, go to the doctors, do this, do that, okay, do what you're supposed to do. We're responsible people, but I work hard, so I can afford to do that. But don't get caught up and let it get you off track, off of your game. Don't waste your life saying The market's slow. The market's the market. Your job is to go out and find whatever you need. I need two deals a month. I took a listing last week. I'm on, I'm hot in the chase for a second listing right now. She downloaded the paperwork. I'm hoping to get that any minutes. Okay, I'm working. I work a normal 40 hour work week. Every week I take off for, uh, you know, certain days I don't work. I work half day Friday, I'm off all day Saturday, I take a half day off on Sunday, I work half a day on Sunday and computer work, but I'm putting the effort in and I'm getting huge rewards. How about you? So don't tell yourself, when's this whole market, if you need a vacation, take it. You need time off, rehab or whatever. Do what you need to do. But if you're supposed to be working to provide for yourself or your family, Let's get to work. So don't tell me it's so I wanna hear that. I just really don't wanna hear that at all because it's great market right now is, f for me is fantastic and I w I'm here. I don't get paid for this. I mean, I do, at the end of the day, we all get paid for doing good work, but I'm not getting paid. I'm not a salaried employee. I'm not getting paid on commissions on your, on your signing up for the coaching program throughout the way. Signed up. I'm here to help you be successful because the rising tide will raise all ships and we can refer some business to each other. Great time again. So Steve Carney said it, the half the people who are working are available in a way they haven't been otherwise, to go to lunch, breakfast, coffee, drinks, golf, whatever you do, this is the time you're gonna do that. I'm too busy to do that, to be honest. People have called me go out to lunch and coffee. I just, I just know the time. I'm, I'm putting deals into escrow and I'm trying to get some new listings. I, I, I would like to, but you know what, it's just not the right use of my time today. I'd rather finish at five o'clock and play with my grandson tonight than go to a long lunch and, and have to catch up with the paperwork later. That's my personal choice. You make yours, but this the time to put the effort in. Okay, I'm gonna get my soapbox. I hope I beat you guys up. I don't mean to be rough. I really, I just so much want you guys to be successful. I want all to hear great stories of your success. First hand up is the Larry Smith Group, uh, I think represented by Larry Smith. Larry, what's going on? Bill, happy holidays to you. Thanks for hosting. Great to be here. I got a question for you, so I'm not taking time off and No, the market's not slow. Thank you. You think it's slow, but the market market is what it is. I love it. So, uh, the question I got, I got a, um, I got a call in on, uh, one of my mailings and, um, I wanted to kind of, kind of get your take if pick kind of putting a deal together. So the circumstances of this. One of his tenants, the owner's tenants called me because he was in the hospital. His wife has passed away in September of this year. Uh, he's done nothing well about probate at all. So he is a great referral. Uh, he told me he had several properties, so I did a tax search. And it turns out he has 14 properties. They were all in the deceased wive's name. Uh, he has two adult children that live outta state and have not been here in 25 years. And apparently the real estate stuff was his wife's thing, not his.. And so I'm just, we we're meeting, uh, they, they wanted me to meet with the attorney that I referred'em to, uh, this Friday. So kind of thinking like, what would be your thoughts about approaching that meeting? Uh, I've not talked to the African yet. I've just talked to um, uh, his tenant that is a very close friend. And, uh, he's actually getting outta the hospital today, which is what brought on the phone call to me because they were afraid that he might not come through on that and his affairs are not in order. So, Thoughts on that? You know, there's a, a great book, the Art of War by Sun Tsu. Every Battle is Won before it's fought. And so I would love to go into that meeting as prepared as possible. Mm-hmm.. Um, so that can be as big a resource as possible. Just because I didn't prepare doesn't mean I'm not of value. Just prepare as much as you can. I would pull all the deeds because in California the question would be, were the deeds in decedent wife's name as married woman or as a sole and separate or not either. And those are all three different legal statuses of what would happen in succession. Do you know if he was married pre, previously, and where she was married previously? I do not. I'd fi try to find that out if I can. Uh, tactfully. And then the next question is, are there, are there children from the prior marriage or not? Um, all those would have bearings on, uh, on the facts, and sometimes the attorney's just gonna have the meetings start asking those questions. If you've done some of that research ahead of time, uh, then you're okay. Just have that information's available. The second is, I'm, I would probably call a different attorney and say, listen, I know this isn't, I'm not referring this to you, but I'd like to refer business to you, but I wonder if you'd help me answer some questions. Give him the fact pattern, see if he can help you. Help you kind of understand what the law probably is gonna be. Not that you're giving a legal opinion, but you go into it knowing what you think it should be. Meaning if all the deeds were in her name as a married woman in California, they're all gonna pass to the husband, uh, if they're in her name as a stolen separate property. Uh, they're not, they has to go through an a 50 petition or, or probate. If there's prior marriages. There's different rules. So I would, I would go through the attorney with a fact pattern to establish what they were, at least to have a, an attorney's opinion in your pocket on all those matters, so you're clear and that will force you to have. Enough information to give the attorney your meeting with the right information to make the decision ahead of time. You also might consider sending it to the attorney ahead of time if you have all the deeds. I, I don't know about you, but for me, the deed, I have a, an app that the towel copy gives me, and I can just download the deeds and all those properties. I would download them all and then send them to him so he would have them, uh, ahead of the meeting. I, my feeling is, Now I'll admit I've never dealt drugs. I only watch on the movies, you know, so I don't like what really, what's like to, uh, to deal crack cocaine. But I've seen enough movies about it. They kind of give you something to get you hooked. Right? So that's kind of the, the pattern of how they're successful with drugs. The same's true with real estate. I try to give attorneys of information, they're hooked on me. Sure they could get the data somewhere else, but if they're used to coming to me to get it, then they come back to me. So I'm used to giving them data for free and I think that's something they appreciate. Uh, it shows I know what I'm looking for and it, you know, just makes it easy as a phone call or an email to come to me. So my whole goal is to make it as easy as possible for an attorney to choose me. Okay. So I might get to him ahead of time, which they had no meeting tomorrow. But here's the deeds of all the I read. Here's the report I ran of all the properties he has in the state of Texas or Tarrant County or wherever you're looking. And then here's the deeds for each of those properties would be very helpful. Okay? And if you summarize 'em, you might notice, hey three are in her name. So separate through her name, married three in her name, it doesn't say, or they're all in her name. However, I think you summarize that. You're just, again, creating more value for the trade. That's what I would do.. Right. And that, that did come up, uh, when I, when I called to see if he'd like to take this on, he's gonna do a consultation and, and, um, then come up with a game plan, uh, to go forward. But yeah, so that was one of the questions that did come up. He said, how are they held? Um, yeah, entitled, which would come from a deed record, which I get from a title company. Any, um, any value in having the tax record? Yeah, we not, yeah. Well, okay. We can pull a tax record. Um, but, uh, yeah, so that, that one's, uh, that's interesting. So I will, uh, I'll do that and then I'll, uh, how about if I give you an update next week? That'd be great. I love it. I'll be, I'll be here. I'm working next week, uh, so I'd love to, Listen, I will be too. Very good if you. So I'll see you then. Fantastic. Great day. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks so much. Appreciate it. Um, okay, so let's see. I don't see any questions in the chat box, but I see some good comments, so we're gonna kind of cover them real fast. Matt says he got 70 plus expireds and canceled during the last day, in the first day of December. Yeah, you're gonna see a lot more expireds and cancels. Those of you who worked at are gonna find this to me was like Christmas dec, uh, November 30th, December 1st, and then December 30th and January 1st are big days because when you go in the m l s it's just an easy way to put the date to expire on, on those days. And so you'll see a lot more of those data points than you would otherwise. Um, uh, and yeah, Terry, 60 million. It's an estate, uh, that I can't, can't remember, return my phone call. It's crazy. It's really crazy. Um, this is a great time to engage. This is a time that I think attorneys in particular are more available. Uh, not all of them, half aren't there, but the half that are there are gonna be more interested in spending time on the phone or in person going to lunch or breakfast or coffee or whatever it is that you do. Um, okay. And let's see. Gail started to call pre-probate. Please advise of you, Gail, can you jump on, can we talk a little bit live and see where you're at and what you're doing and see if I can help you with that. Yeah. Um, I just received them yesterday. Um, what I wanna do, what I do is I scrub, I have somebody scrub the probates themselves, but the pre probates, I wanna put them in. Um, I wanna put them in mojo because that's where I dial from. And so basically, even when you do have the telephone numbers, we still go to pass people's and put those numbers in. And Gail, what, what market area do you SaaS is in? I'm in San Francisco Bay Area. Got it. Silicon, Got it. Anybody in this call call on pre probates or market to pre probates? Um, I don't, I I've experimented the pre probates. I've, I didn't find it to be, um, uh, I, I think the, the challenge of pre probates is probate's a long enough tale to begin with. Now you're adding. Before that people even gotten ready to file the probate process. Mm-hmm.. So I don't know of anybody now, it might be, I know people who are doing well with 'em and they're not sharing it, but I don't know anybody who is buying pre-probate data, calling them in, successfully converting them into sales at a higher rate than cold calling now. I will say, if you call anybody like circle prospecting or you know, I used to download from call resources and the mojo and you would dial people, you know, in a neighborhood you're doing open house. If you cold call anybody, you're likely to get some business. That's just the, the nature of the business. But I don't know anybody who is targeting pre probates and using a pre probate script and getting better results than anybody else is. So I can't, I, you know, one thing I can say to you, Gail,. Like it or not, I'm gonna tell you the truth and I don't have any financial incentive. Otherwise, I don't know anybody who's doing it successfully. I'd love to hear you do well and have you sh you know, report back to us. Okay? I know that the all leads people are promoting it. I don't know that they're doing it cuz they've had success with it or it's just another product they can add. That makes sense logically, but whether or not it will work for you or not you, you're gonna find out. Yeah, I am gonna find out. Certainly I'm gonna call people and say, Hey, I see your grandma died. Uh, do you wanna sell your house? I'm ready to pay cash for it on the cheap yet, be sensitive to that. and if you just cold call and, and like you would in the other homeowner, but you happen to be targeting them rather than random numbers. I can't see why that would be a bad thing. I just don't know that it's, and the data's not expensive, but I, I'd be very sensitive when you call at that point, cuz. On probates, I wouldn't be sensitive on necessarily cuz if probate well that wasn't what my script would say it would be, say, um, I forgot I just created it. But it's gonna be offering a package of information Yeah. Will help them. So it's. and then in there they'll, if they continue to talk with me, then I'll go to the next beat. Yeah. Whatever that is. Yeah, so I'd be sensitive to it too. Yeah, maybe just a, a standard cold call script. You know, I dunno if you know this, Gail, but here in LA even though the market's slowed down since the summer, that 20% of our homes still sell out above list price. Did you know that? Yeah. And so we know when we come to the market, two, if we come in the market right away and we just wanna call and see if you plan on selling a home and, and if they bring up there's probate, great. And if they don't, I wouldn't bring it up. That's the best I can offer you. Okay. But come back next week. Again, the purpose of this call is we should work together on it. And for sure, I'm gonna put the call out to anybody on the call or who watches it on replay. Go into the, to the Facebook group for Probate Mastery and put your success in there, or failure or suggestions or what you do and how you make it work, and let's all work together and make that productive. Sounds good. Thank you very much. Thanks. Appreciate it. Thanks so much, Bill. And then Eva, third escrow. Congratulations. Great job there. and Stu says he was intrigued by them until they got Chad's take on. He's not a fan. Um, Yeah, I, I mean, I don't wanna say I disagree with Chad, but I don't necessarily disagree with him either. Um, oh, I see Courtney's hands, and now Courtney is one of those YouTube guys. He's a, he's all that in a bag of chips. So let me bring him in here, plus you some eye candy for the ladies. What's up Courtney? We did meeting. Yeah. Hey, appreciate that. Hey, how's it going, bill? Everyone good, man. Good. What's up? I just wanna say I'm really having a blast with this, uh, the earn aspect of the course. Um, mm. Last Friday, I had a great interview, uh, or a sit down with a, a state attorney, and she's super excited about de delivering or sending the business in my way, um, because of the, basically the admin drag is what she was really, uh, excited about getting off her table, her plate. Um, I'm not really beyond as excited about. I want to help, but when I look through EstateExec, like my, I have a d h, adhd, like literally I do. And it just was like, oh man, I have to sit here and do this with this folks. Oh my God, what in the world? So hopefully I can fight through that, push through that, find a, uh, solution for that. But what I was gonna say is also going to, the courthouse is so awesome in Durham County, North Carolina, we, they, the clerks actually administered probate in their little rooms. They're sitting around there. So I can't like, Stand in front unless it's litigation. but today I asked the assistant clerk, cuz they just switched out if I could, um, you know, she'd gimme the, the court doc so that I could sit in on some litigation. And she's like, well, it's gonna be crazy until the beginning of next year, so we'll get you there. But hey, if you wanna sit down with me when I open up a case with folks so you can watch it, awesome. I'm like, okay. Then as I'm walking out, she said, oh, by the way, love what you're doing. Would you, it would be okay if I send people your way because we hate, we're not supposed to give legal advice, but we hate sending folks to attorneys when they're, you know, so expensive. I mean, I did tell her I probably would push 'em to attorneys as needed, but I'm like, yeah, sure. I'll bring some brochures in next week if you'd like. And, uh, hand out some cards. So basically the assistant clerk is gonna be pushing people towards my direction when they need probate help. And that's all going in there, bringing some donuts every now and then, and just, uh, you know, being kind. So, uh, I was gonna say, bringing some donuts. You already on that game for sure. Anybody in an office position, you bring 'em food, they're like trained sales at some point. Yeah, I, I, I thought I had a question in there, but the question was, uh, about the Oh, oh yeah. The exec estate, anyone having success or anyone who like, that's just not my cup of tea. How do, if I'm positioning myself as someone's gonna help families set this up. How do I do that without having to learn everything in executive state? All that , I'm with you on that. I know Chad's interviewed a couple of them on the call. I might wanna go on the Probate Mastery website and look for that. and, um, maybe you can get Kat, uh, she watched the replay to, to put a, a post in there on how to use EstateExec.. Hey, This is Anthony. I have a quick comment on that. If I remember correctly, Estate Exec support team will help guide the clients through the process. Yeah, yeah. If I remember right from the earn course. Yeah, I mean, I think that's, I, I think, I think you're right on that. The challenge there, Anthony, that I would have is, you know, now I'm sending my client to somebody else and I always feel like that's challenging. Now your relationship is dependent on that other person. Are you using it yourself, Anthony? I'm, I'm at the beginning stages myself. I'm going out to reach, reaching out to attorneys, trying to. Just myself as an expert in field. So, nice. Good. I like it. I think, look, if you wanna get, really get into it and learn it. I also think you have to learn that software if you're gonna do it, be the expert on that product. I have other areas I'm busy with, so that's what I focus on, but I, I can see a, a whole business just based on that and, and searching out to estate attorneys. So thanks. Thanks for check on that. Okay, Courtney. And then check out Courtney's YouTube. What? I saw your YouTube. What did you do on Um, I liked a lot. What was it on last week? Um, the probate process in Durham, North Carolina. There you go. Probably process! Yeah. Uh, on his, Uh, five Things to Expect in Durham, North Carolina Real Estate Market, uh, does a really nice job on his YouTube channel, so check him out. Um, let's see. It's Life In Transitions, life in Transition Experts. Life in Transition experts is a YouTube channel. Good job, Courtney. Thank you. Thank you, bill. Thanks, man. Okay, other questions? Let's see here. I don't see hands. Yeah, Courtney's a lot of fun. No doubt. Uh, but how about that? Just going to court. Now, again, I, I wanna caution you, going to court in LA is different than Durham, North Carolina. People are different in LA than North Carolina. I just don't think we're as friendly. Right. Um, uh, just the nature of Los Angeles, we're a much bigger city where the largest probate courts all consolidated. and so you're not gonna get too far working with the staff in my experience. You can be pleasant to 'em. I am when I go in and if I go next week, I, I plan to on a property I'm gonna bid on, I'm gonna bring some gifts, not sure what maybe Starbucks cards, maybe, uh, Sees candy. In the past I've used and hand out, everybody see gets one, all the sheriffs and all the clerks. You know, I'm like Santa Claus handing out something to everybody. It's always helpful to be friendly with people, but Corey's getting a level of interaction that you're not gonna get in la but you won't know that unless you go and try. And so I encourage everybody to go to your county and see what's there, be the ex, whatever there is. Be the expert of that. Whether it be in person, you know, where's the court laid out and where's the research room, the documents, uh, is there coffee place? Because if your customer's gonna go, you wanna buy 'em a Starbucks or something. And then also online, be the expert of whatever there is in your county. In small counties, there's less, but be an expert of that, and you're the expert. okay. So, oh, I, Courtney posts YouTube channel. Very good. Courtney, look at pushing the social media, Courtney. Okay. Very good. Okay, other questions. Put your hand up, something in the chat box. Um, If you wanna type in the words "team Bill," I'll pretend as though I had a fair vote and you guys voted for me. We won't mention what the other alternative is. We're only collecting ballots on Team Bill. If you wanna put that in there, um, if you know, if you don't know, then that's okay. You don't know. That's, don't worry about it. What else you got going on? I host probate weekly every Thursday. I'd love to have you on that. That's probate

Thursday's 4:

00 PM and, uh, who's my guest gonna be this week? I have a good one coming. A couple good ones coming up. My pro, my approach, uh, for that call is more interview format. Um, winning attorney referrals and probate real estate. Oh, yeah. We're gonna talk about attorney referrals. It's kinda like the EARN program. I'm gonna go in a little bit of depth on that on Thursday. Okay. Other questions? So, you guys just happy to be here. We got a bunch of people on the call today, so, okay. Real quick, who's, who's got a, a win you wanna share with us today? I could name off three, but I want to be all about me. Who's got a win in their business? You can share, you can be up to a week old who's got a victory. Eva, Eva.. Let's talk about it. Let's get you on the call. Let's share the love Eva. Because the reason you're getting this success is so that you can share with other people. Do you mind jumping in a little bit and sharing with us what you're doing? Well, I got the four probate listings from the same, same seller, and she got, to be an administrator in June. Nice. That has taken this long. And, uh, plus also her father died in, uh, September, 2021. Mm-hmm. actually had a caretaker. Uh, that starved him to death. And, uh, now she's claiming she was married to him, so they have been to court twice. Next court date is April 6th, and she's claiming she has the right to get half of everything. So it, it hasn't been easy. So this is a classic case. The classic caretaker claims to be married, litigation, and ever. Remind me, where do you do business? In Lancaster, California. Right. Lancaster, which is technically LA County or not technically was in LA County. Yes. Yes. And so this is a source of probate litigation and the problem is to fight. It costs money. Um, and, but this is a classic case where caregiver has, I've, I've seen this all the time, forged documents. Fake, uh, marriage papers. I've also seen legitimate ones come through. Yeah. Um, is it a trust or is there will involved or is it just purely, uh, the, the marriage, there was a will, but he bought a mobile home in Alicia Lake Mobile Estate in Lancaster in May, 2021. And he died in September, same year, and she forced him to sign over the title to Mobile Home. To the Mobile home, uh, which is actually in a really nice senior park with a lake in the middle. And so now she lives in the mobile home on the lake. And was he getting medical care before he signed those documents? No. Yeah. This is a classic case. This happens a lot and this is a reason why you wanna have... children where the parents have assets, get them in a trust, pay attention to who's managing the trust because you get a caregiver to sign over deeds of property. Next thing you know you're stuck with, whether legitimate or not. You'll never know. Right. It's very difficult. Yeah. He, supplemented his income by buying real estate, uh, real houses. Mm-hmm. that he rented out for years and years. Nice. And she, he had a will but not a revocable trust, and she stole all the paperwork. But if, even if there's a, if there's a will and it's stolen, you have property, it would be probated to his wife if he, if she married him. If she has, he, he, he was divorced and his daughter got to be the administrator. Okay, well good. But she was also fighting about, the caretaker wanted to be the administrator. Of course. Well, she's the wife. She's entitled that She's not the wife. She's married. She, they were never married. Oh, okay. Well then the daughter's gonna be the administrator in. Um, he'll just be, be in charge of that. Well, good, well good luck with that. Yeah, and just knowing the administrator, you can always borrow money or advancement against inheritance for whatever legal fees you have to have. So if there's a question about fighting the deeds or you know, claims of, uh, elder abuse, yes, he has a lawyer. Yeah. Good. Very good. Well, good. Good luck with that. Congratulations. Thank you. So, so who else has, so here's the next one. If you don't have any victories to share, who's got some, some challenges or failures you wanna talk about, because I'll tell you this, I might be doing more business than many of you because I've failed more than some of you. But by failing, I learned and do it better than next time, and that's how we improve and grow. Alex, you got your hand up. What do you got? Failure in victory for us? Or you have a question? I have a small victory. Um, I'm, uh, ashamed of it, but I had, I bought the, I got into the, um, into the, I took the probate course a year ago, and I've still been procrastinating on making the phone calls. I'm a super sensitive empath, so it's been hard. Um, but I thought just to practice, you know, talking to people on the phone, you know, I'd be like, call, you know, some cash buyers. I'd start pro prospecting, you know, cash buyers. And, uh, got on the phone with that, you know, phone call after phone call. People weren't answering some, some did. And I got my first lightning strike, which, uh, people aren't familiar with that. That's what Where somebody tells you to f off or you know, you get a bad phone call. And I was not expecting that from a cash buyer. Mm-hmm. told me to f off, Alex, get me off your list. Mm-hmm. and it, it was like an upper cut, . It messed me up for like the rest of the day. Um, well hold on. Lemme start. Are you opening some coaching, Alex? Sure. It didn't mess you up. You messed yourself up. Yes. The only solution here is take responsibility for your reaction., but the, the win part of it is, yes. It, it, it kind of, uh, got me down for the rest of the day, but, and maybe even in the morning too, I was still thinking about it. It's like, you know, sure. but once I got over it, I felt, I feel empowered, like I'm ready to pick up the phones and, you know, And start making my phone calls. So I think, you know, for everybody else out there that's kind of like the same way and kind of hesitating or, or procrastinating to pick up the phone just cuz of that fear of, you know, getting somebody like that. Once it happens, you know, you, you. Well, for me, it took a while to get over it, but to me it's empowering. It's like, okay, I'm ready for the next one. Now if someone else tells me to F off, I'm gonna take it even better. You know, so, right. Well, most people, and that person wins for now, they're just being needlessly harsh wins more often, discourages people from doing their job, which, and as a result, there are people who are gonna suffer with poor real estate representation instead of you or. Yes, sir. And I won't let them get me off track. I, I, I'm trying to be sensitive to them. They must be in pain. There's a great book I read years ago. It's actually a program called The Course of Miracles. And there's this phrase in the book that says that all communication is either an expression of love or a cry for help. So tongue to F off is obviously not an expression of love. It must be what? Um, they're hurting. They're, there's only two choices. Expression of love or a cry for help. Cry for help. That's what you. Pray for help. So when you understand that's, and now I'm sorry. When you understand that's what they're doing, then you can, you can forgive them more easily because it, it's, that's their in pain and that's all they know how to do to lash out and your job is to just, you know, um, love them and move on. Exactly. Thank you for that because that's what I was actually thinking. Too, because the way I do my buyer's list is I, uh, here in the, um, the appraisal district, we, I go through all the names and, uh, we'll go through the list and see who owns, uh, you know, more than five properties. Mm-hmm. and I, you know, skipped, skipped Trey's statement. I called him. So I'm figuring this guy, he probably had about five, well, he had five properties or more. And if he's, you know, call, calling out for help. Cause maybe he's, he's, you know, hurting right now. Or maybe, you know, So I was thinking, you know, instead of like calling out to his information and then you'll call him later on and you know, get revenge or whatever, something like that. I'll hold onto his information, call him back later on. Or maybe even do a little research and see, you know, maybe if he does probably, you know, Is need some help and probably losing his properties. Cuz you know, I, I never mentioned anything about a list, so it's like okay maybe he's getting a lot of people calling him now cuz they probably see that. Yeah, he probably is in somewhere. Somebody probably did do some research on him and probably see the, he's probably gonna be losing some properties here pretty soon. So that's the way I'm taking. The world set ups that when you need help selling your house, hundreds of realtors will call you to offer to help you. Hmm, right. I'll, I'll show you an experience I had when I used to cold call expired listings in 2010, 11 and 12, uh, and 13, 14, but 2000 in that time period. So I used to role play every day with a partner from seven 30 to eight, and I would call every day from eight to 12. I would cold call and my goal is to talk to 40 people every day and set an appointment. So when we role called, we wanted to be real, and so we would make sure we each, when acting as the seller or the prospect, Used at least one F bomb in the role play so that the other party was used to it. They didn't bother them. They'd get upset and lose a dare to you as a result. So one day I'm making my phone calls and I get this guy his voice on the phone with this incredibly beautiful, deep golden voice. And he gave me not one, not two, but three FBOs, . And it was like on one hand, like it was like Beau, it was like musical, how beautiful his voice was. And of course he was so mad at me and he gave me three F bombs and, and I hung after he hung up on me, cuz I was trained never to hang up cuz it's a quiet for help. So I didn't hang up, but when he hung up on me and I researched the name, I had just read the name Donald. Cornelius AK Don Cornelius, who was the founder of the music program, soul Train. Now, you may not be old enough, remember Soul Train, but when I was a kid, yeah, that was like, that was like before M T V was Soul Train. Oh yeah. Anybody who was, anybody went on that program and sang and danced and you would watch the dance moves and all that. He was. Come to find out that I, so I can't remember exactly when that was, 2010 or 11, but I know it wasn't after February, 2012 because in February, 2012, he committed suicide by shooting himself with a gun. What? That's how upset he was with life. Now, can you imagine he had all that money and fame and glory? Yes, we all, that's not enough. Just just know in life, that's not enough, number one. But number two. Who would somebody who would yell at a stranger three F bombs answer somebody who's crying out for help. And maybe if I was better on the phone, I would've broken through that, and maybe I would've been a friend of his and maybe I could have helped him find his path back to life. I don't know., you know, you can't take on that responsibility. But the only answer when something like that is, what can I do to be better to touch their heart next time? Because that's all you can do. You know, I can't take responsibility from, from killing myself, but I can be responsible to be better to try to help the next person. So, Not to say we should cold call and we should look at what we did. Maybe we were, maybe we crossed lines, maybe we're insensitive. Maybe we didn't hear the messages properly. But, um, that's the kind of question asked, but I won't let that get you off track. Okay. Yeah, good stuff. I thank you. Thanks Ox. Okay. There you go. So, yeah, you can, you can gimme three off bombs. It's not gonna gimme off track. There you go. Of course, some miracles. Is it by Maryanne Williamson? I don't think it's by her. Is it really? I think she did like a commentary on it. Somebody, um, in the chat box. Is that really who it is? Yeah, I guess so. No, I think she did like a v a a view on, she's not the author of it, but she's a teacher in it. She's a, like a master teacher in it. Um, but that book was around before, before she was alive, I mean, before she was born. So, yeah, course of Miracle is an amazing book and it's interesting, it's Christian. I'm not Christian, but I find a lot of truth and a lot of, um, a lot of comfort in Christian teachings. And that book was really one wise young man without any relationship with God really helped me kind find my spiritual path. So I definitely recommend a Course of miracles. Okay. I hope I can do too religious with you guys that are too mushy, but, um, you know, that's my, that is my story, that is real for me, so, okay. Um, Peace loving F five. Yeah. Courtney, he was a trip. I mean, he was a trip. Uh, you know, uh, but, and for all that money he must have had and the fame and the, he had a beautiful home up in Hollywood Hills. I mean, really just, it just tells you there's not enough money or fame or fortune to make people happy. Um, and so ironically that you brought him up, cause I was thinking when I started making my phone calls, I'm going to go with the deep voice, see if somebody tells me to f off for using my deep voice. To hear about him though. Yeah. Okay. So Katz on the call. Okay. Welcome Katt, she had some internet problems. And again. Feel free to devote team bill. Um, and if you don't know the other alternative, I'm not gonna mention it to you cuz we're gonna take the vote today. So we're only gonna count team bills anyhow, so it doesn't what you. Exactly. I wouldn't blame with you, Paul. Okay, so thanks for sharing that setback, Alex. And then thanks for sharing the victory as well. Who else has a victory or a setback? And just know if you report on a setback, that is a victory, right? Because it it, it's a victory if you are still in the game. If you get up off the ground, you have a loss. That's the whole key to this business is keep moving. The faster you can fail, the faster you can fail and improve, the faster you'll be successful. Uh, I, I'll just share with you guys. I, I've, I launched a YouTube channel. Um, one of my coaches was all over me on it a year, a half ago. Um, and I launched it. And if you know me at all, I'm really shy. I'm not interested in attention. Um, I'm very self-conscious like we all are to some degree. And, um, and, you know, I, I didn't really know where my place was, but he pushed me just to start and record and get something on video and take it from there and here about a year and a half later. And, um, YouTube. Pay me a little bit of money. Now, , I'm monetize with them, but more importantly, it's really built my whole business where I have people call me who've already seen my videos. It's just changed my whole business relationship where I used to go to court every day for three hours. Now I work on my marketing and, and, and have replaced that and grown my business. without being able to go to court. So just know that it's, uh, but in the beginning was terrible and DeVito's got no views and I did it all wrong in the beginning. I put it on Facebook and you couldn't find them. And I made every mistake you can imagine, but I learned and got better and better at it, and it built a business that supports me. So just know that's not a, it's not a loss, it's a setback. But if you get up, then it's a victory just cuz you, you can learn from it. Okay. Yes. No, the only candidates for Bill actually can the, there's no other, there's no other, uh, and Larry changes vote. Very good. Larry, you can always change the vote my way. We don't change'em the other way. You can change my vote. Your the vote that way. Okay. Any last questions here? We are kind of coming up on the end. And then while we, while we're waiting for you guys, any other questions? Any victories, any losses? Um, just one more last time I wanna promote tomorrow's program is, um, Probate problems and solutions led by our head coach, Chad Corbett. You know, one hour live workshop, uh, 7:00 PM

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00 PM Pacific time. You can get there at probate master do com. It's on the front page. Hit the enroll button. Let's see what happens if you hit enroll. There you go. It's a hundred bucks. If you are a graduate of the um, uh, probably Mastery program, you're gonna get a. Code, I think, um, KA, you can correct me and I believe the code will give you, uh, there you go. Hit the, hit the, uh, link in the chat box. Kat's putting there. Um, and you have to, you have to yell out loud Team bill. And then you hit the, the code that, uh, Kat put in the chat box and then it's only $10. You get $9 off coupon code and it's a $10 charge for, um, graduates of the program. So love to see you guys on that.

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00 PM Eastern Time. Okay. Any last questions? Challenges? I see James, you got your hand up. James, let's bring you in. Um, um, what's going on? James Tech, can I help you? Um, I just wanted to say that, uh, first I appreciate you doing this every week, man. You guys are awesome. Um, uh, what was I getting to? Oh, I've got a, a, a lead today that I met with, uh, two brother. Who have inherited the house, they are very diametrically opposed. Mm-hmm. Um, one is, uh, kind of a, you know, scoundrel and the other one's very upfront and very honest with me. Mm-hmm. And covered the house and told me all kinds of problems. And I can see his brother saying, why are you saying this stuff? Kind of thing. So I'm gonna have to battle it out with these two guys. I was trying to get any kind of, uh, advice as to how to hire pe, uh, how to deal with people that are diametrically opposed. They are both, uh, heirs and one is the, uh, uh, executor or administrator, personal representative. Well, so at this point you have one who's execut. Right. Correct. Administrator and, and ha have they listed the property yet? No, they have not. They're, that's gonna be a hard house to sell because it is. Got a lot of issues. Well, hold on one second. Are you an investor or you an agent? Investor. Okay. No house? No. No house is hard to sell if it's priced right, by definition. Right. Like if I said to you, would you buy it for 10 bucks? Would you buy it? Of course. Would you buy it for a million dollars? Of course not. So the only question is where is the right number? In the middle? Oh, absolutely. Not in the middle. Middle, but in between 20 years. I know there's value in the property. You're exactly right. But it's just that, you know, it's a two bedroom, one bath, which is a little harder to sell here. But Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on though. My point though, was just to know your language. You said be hard to sell because of blah, blah. No, it's not hard to sell. It's easy to sell the right price. Every property is easy to sell the right price. You gotta get that mindset. It has nothing to do. Yes, there's certain features and benefits of every property, and you add them up and that equals the value of the property. And at that price it will sell. And above that it won't. And you've gotta get that mindset that is a listing agent is critical, or as investor is critical. I, I had an attorney once in California, you have to advertise court confirmed properties in the m l s. And so I look for properties that aren't, and I'll contact the attorney and say, Hey, you need to list it. And I work out a program with'em and they'll say, well, and one time my attorney say to me, the property's in such bad condition, you can't put it on the m l s. And I said to him, I'm sure I have two right now that are worse. It has nothing to do with the condition of the property. It is what it is. It's priced, it is worth what it's worth. Our job is to get what it's worth for your estate. So I'm, I just wanna stop you there and you can disagree with me, but my point was, the mindset is never hard to sell a property when it's priced right. The only issue is the price, you know? Thank you. You're exactly right. I went through that phase before I, I went through that depression during the previous down. And fortunately I was able to pull myself out of that and do a ton of business. You're exactly right, and thank you for catching me on that. You're exa and I've been doing that a lot lately. So you know something, there's a mind shift issue that needs to be addressed here. All of us. And I said to myself, because I don't wanna get caught up in that and I have to remind myself like, everybody fall into this, this, that trap of it's a hard property sell. No, it's not. It's just we fund the right price. I have a property that I listed too high. The comps were hard to put together. And I, I said the client, let's start hiring. We we'll cut the price, move it quickly down. And here's the follow me. Yesterday an attorney. It was hard to sell. It's hard to sell a whatever medical center in Bell at this time. I said, no, it's not. We just haven't found the right price yet. The right price will jump off the. Well, I remember you talking last week or the week before about, you know, what causes a property not to sell. There's just one thing and I, and, and I'm listening and, you know, I thought to myself, you know something, he's exactly right. I need to get away from some of these mindsets that I have and, uh, I know better. Yeah. But unfortunately, we somehow fall into these bad habits and, uh, I think that's what happened here. So what are, what kind of advice would you gimme in the fact that should I try to meet with, I met with both of them today. It appears that there's some disdain between the two of them. How, how do I put that together? Do I, do I, uh, get them both together and, and try to strike the deal? Or do I just strictly deal with the, uh, the person who's acting as the PR on this? Uh, what are your thoughts on something like that? James? Where, where is the property at? Sara Sarasota, Florida. So I don't know the laws in Sarasota. I don't know the laws in Florida, in California. Uh, there's different levels of authority. There's full authority and limit authority. Limited authority requires a court to confirm the sale. Full authority technically doesn't, but it kind of does. I'll tell you. because you need what's called a notice of proposed action. So the executive can make a deal with you and say he wants to sell it for, I'll make up a number, $40,000, but the other error has the opportunity to object to the sale, and the only solution is to have a court confirmation sale. So, To some degree, you need to have both parties on board, but if it's impossible, all you can do is all you can do. So in those cases, that's why the court confirmation process exists. The executive wants to sell it, he makes a deal with you, they bring it to court. There's a process to do that, and the court turns to the other party and says, do you wanna pay more? I had a case, uh, last year. Uh, no. Uh, it was in October where my client, uh, sold a property for 2.6 million. There was an error who had an appraisal done. It was wrong. The appraisal had a serious mistake in it. Uh, didn't call me as a listing agent, and, and I would've given them some information they missed, but they had an appraisal 3.6 million, so the heirs were screaming bloody murder. Oh my gosh. It's worth 3.6. You're only selling up for 2.6. And because you went through the process of confirming a court, the judge said, do you wanna buy it for 2.6? It was worth 3.6. You're gonna get the best deal ever. No. Why not? Well, we looked into it. Couldn't get financing. It didn't appraise. There you go. So the purpose, the court confirmation is to eliminate that. The disagreement, the problem for you as an investor is your, your an executive might sell it. 400,000, but the court confirmation might push the price up to 500,000. It might make it not as attractive to you. So I don't know how to answer it from an investor's point of view, you can only do what you can do and you win some and you lose some, um, and to get out into the laws in Florida. But my guess is that number one, you gotta get the executor on board with you and then you do your best with the, the other heirs. But sometimes you can't do anything about them. They're just, they're, they're gonna feel cheated. There's resentments from family life for 50 years, you're not gonna correct. Interesting. Okay. Appreciate your conclude. Thank you. My pleasure. Okay, I think that wraps up for today cuz we're right at the hour moment. So again, thank you for everybody being on the call. I'm Bill Gross. We do this every Tuesday, noon Pacific, 3:00 PM Eastern Time. This is part of the Probate Mastery program, so if you wanna register for it, you can go there. Uh, it's recorded and put on YouTube. Uh, and then past episodes are chopped up and put on the pa on the um, website as well. Probate And then if you go to Probate Mastery, you'll see the opportunity to sign up for a special program tomorrow, Wednesday, December 14th.

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00 PM Pacific. Thanks everybody. Thanks for your time today. Appreciate it. Thanks, bill.

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