Estate Professionals Mastermind - Probate and Senior Real Estate Podcast

Probate Wholesaling Scripts for Older Leads & the CRM Debate | Episode 98

November 02, 2022 Bill Gross and Probate Real Estate Professionals Episode 98
Estate Professionals Mastermind - Probate and Senior Real Estate Podcast
Probate Wholesaling Scripts for Older Leads & the CRM Debate | Episode 98
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In this episode, probate real estate professionals share probate wholesaling scripts, feedback on CRMs, and tips for working with newer attorneys.  David Young shares all the details on the probate wholesaling deal that landed him a $22k assignment fee; Bill Gross responds with tips to use that success story to find bird dogs and property scouts to get more deals. The group discusses free customer management tools like Google Sheets and how they compare to paid software like KvCore, FollowUp Boss, and REI Black Book. Tune in to learn what's working this week for Certified Probate Experts!

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17:33 My probate lead fired their attorney (Probate Attorneys)
22:17 Best free CRM for probate real estate: Google Sheets vs. KvCore paid (Real Estate CRMs)
31:24 Earning attorney referrals and court house visits (Probate Referrals) 

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Hey, welcome to Probate Mastery. I'm Bill Gross, and I am the regular host of this call. We do every Tuesday, and we get together. We can talk about how to implement the systems that Chad Corbett and Probate Mastery teach us into our business. Whether you're an investor or a wholesaler. Or you are a real estate agent, which I happen to be a real estate broker practicing in Los Angeles, California. I do a little bit of investing, but my primary focus is listing and selling. But we have people who are primarily investors as well in the group. And so the purpose call is as you integrate this into your business and system to share the best practices to encourage each other, to get some victory stories, to hear about us pushing through when we have challenges. Dave Young, was sharing a recent victory he had in Atlanta. Hey, Dave, do you mind sharing with us real quick, kind of what, what was going on there and help everybody else understand what you're doing? Yeah, basically it's why it come from a probate lead from Georgia. I pulled from the, uh, West County, is DeKalb County courthouse, and I reached out to'em, been following up with them ever since, like, uh, March. I keep following with March, then I reach back out to 'em the next month. So I ended up getting them on the phone and they starting having issue with the sibling because there were five siblings that wasn't, you know, involved with the property. So basically the sibling wasn't speaking with each other. So I had to be like, the mediator, to get, get everything under control cause they weren't talking with each other or I'm not going to the house. Or we might get in a fight with... a whole big mess. So I got the property under contract for a while I think 235. And then I end up get, going back and getting a reduction for, 220. Cause all, all the time they had me going back and forth like one of the heirs was in the property. He wouldn't let me in sometime. We'll go there and do the inspection, can't get in the house. I said, Okay man. You know, like what you need to do to be outta at closing? You know, we'll give you cash for keys. So I offer them$5,000 cash for keys. The reason why I gave her 5,000 cash for Key cause the purchase pipe was at 2 35. So I went back to the selling, got a price reduction for two 20, so I deducted the cash for key to 5,000 out of the two 20. So I still walk away with a $17,000 assignment fee. And you solved his problem cuz he had the problem, You had the problem to get paid, he had the problem to sell the property. So you helped him solve the problem. What happened was I ended up still, I ended up getting my 5,000 cash for keys back. Cause we signed up vacant at closing contract for him to be out the property on October 28th at closing. Mm-hmm.. So he went out the property at uh, October the 28th. So he signed a contract with me, so, If he went out the property October 28th, that I would get reverse my, you know, I would get my fund, my five five cash for keys back off the, off the, um, sale of the property from his. How about that? Nice. So I ended up getting, so I ended up getting my $5,000 back cause he went out there closing so to buy Who ended up buying the property. He said well just leave me in there. We'll we'll deal with it, you know, as long as you brought us the deal, your job is over. So we'll deal with the rest. So we'll give him a little bit more time to get out. But as far as the cash for keys, he had to get out back cause he went out the property. You know, like he's supposed to be in. So we ended up closing on the property today. So it was like a 22,000 assignment fee. So $22,000 assignment fee. And how long have you been working on this lead? Ever since March, 2022. Okay. So March, about eight months total. About eight months. How many times do you think you talked to somebody before they signed a contract with you? Uh, there about 12 or 13 times. About 12 or 13. 2013 touches, that means mail and phone calls, or phone calls or text, or, uh, phone calls, all phone calls, close phone calls. So 12 phone calls to get $22,000. Sounds to me like about 200 bucks a phone call, no more than that.$2,000 a phone call on by, by, uh, what? Lemme get my calculator. Yeah. 2000 times 12 is 24,000. So about 2018 a phone call. 1800 phone call. Yep. So if you had to make two more phone calls for free wouldn't be so bad. Right, Right. I can make two more if you wanted me to make two more calls. They were going, you know, be $2,000 every time I talked to 'em. But yeah, we, we ended up finally getting it done. It was a lot. Got the, like I said, the sibling, they were going back and forth. It was, it was a whole big mess, man. I talked with, uh, the executor, He said he showed appreciate, you know, for helping them out. Cause it weren't for me. They would've never got that property. So, and that's the thing is people say, Wow, you made so much money. I don't know if you made all that much money on the deal. You made what you made. But nobody would've paid you that unless it was worth it. Right. And you were solving their problem. And we have to remember, in this business, we get paid. The monetary the compensation we receive is a reflection The value we create for our customers, right? Whether it be selling the property, buy the property, the seller, or whoever. And so we solve the problem. So now is this, are you a full-time wholesaler investor? Realtor? Yeah, I'm, yeah. I'm, yeah. I'm a wholesaler here in Atlanta. My, uh, my wife, she's a real estate agent. You got coming and going, so, and this is what you do full time? Fulltime. How long you been doing investing wholesaling? three years. Three years. How many probates have you closed? Uh, probably about 12 this year. 12 or 13. This, this is my biggest year ever. So once I joined that probate class, 12 or 13 this year. Yeah. Now they don't all get $20,000 of it. Do they? My average wholesale fee this year been, I think like 17 six, I think. Yeah. 17 six. Yeah. So this has been pretty good for you! Yep. So it, it, yeah. The, the lowest, the lowest assignment for you I got is like 99 4. 9,900. 400. Yeah. 9,900. Yeah. That's the, when I had one for like 43,000. 25,000. This one, 22,000, 18,000. It sounds like you did the work, you got paid and, and I think that, and you're doing great. and, Every time you close the deal, there's at least two different audiences that you can appeal to. Number one is the customer. So your testimonial would be the, the seller who signed the contract with you would be, Wow, I met Dave and you know, I had this property, know what to do with it. I tenanted in it and lo and behold, he got a buyer put together and he, you know, stepped out and we closed without him and I appreciate him. That's one testimony you can use for perspective, other sellers or cash, you know, cash sellers. The other thing you can do is this testimonial of your. It'll be a great testament for you to get other wholesalers, investors to Bird Dog Point, bringing properties because I, in my, in my experience, this is the best time ever. Either to, to build a business, we have one, or start it because the changes in the market, because I think the transitions, there's more people looking for jobs and there's gonna be more, I think, out coming into real estate because, you know, not my choice. Because they're gonna lose their job outside of real estate. And here's a chance, I think, to help somebody who's a little discouraged or frustrated, maybe they tried another investment program and you're gonna say to them, Well, I gotta do is what I did make these phone calls. And they're gonna go, Oh man, that's a lot of work and you're gonna. I did 12 deals this year, made an average 17,000, and then go, Holy moly, I'll go ahead and do that. So this is your opportunity to leverage your success and use it for more success. Video, social media, email it to whoever you know. I mean, this is, this is how you build. A business from a job. Does that make sense? Right. Yeah. Cause that what I gotta do a lot of, uh, like you said, make videos and testimonial. Cause I don't, I don't have men, I just get on the phone, I just be calling, you know, call, do a lot of calling. So nothing wrong with that, right? But, but let's get some momentum behind that, right? Let's get some, let's, let's leverage that success. And so just as simple as make a quick video about what you did and posting it in social media, emailing to everybody that you. Um, I think it would just help you get started in that process. And I know you guys said me, you don't do a lot of that, but we all have to start somewhere. I started somewhere myself do video, so. Okay. And yeah, and all, and all the deals that I closed, all of'em came from the one county, the same county, DeKalb County. Well, and it is funny you say that because I think that so many people start all over the place, but they don't know anything. My guess is, you know DeKalb County pretty well that if I gave you particular city or neighborhood in the area, you might know it. Maybe you sold the property there. And that's again where your success is, building your success. I think it's a big advantage for you to really know that one area. Yeah, that, that what I did, I just like focused on uh, one county and one niche probate and one. So I just, yeah, so I just died on that niche and that county just went for it. How many probates about, are there monthly in DeKalb County? About 125. Is it Atlanta, DeKalb County? No, it's in Fulton. Right? It depends on some. Some parts of Atlanta is of DeKalb and some parts of the Fortune, Some parts of Forton, some at DeKalb. It just got, It's crazy. Yeah. Is it 50 50 or is one more than the other? I'd say more. More. The cab Atlanta is more afford. Yeah, I say, Cause I remember the stadium was in Fulton County Stadium, so Right. For years pass. But either way, whichever went 125 sounds like a lot. If you follow up on 'em for eight months, that means after eight months you have 800 of 'em to call through those over and over again takes time, I think. But I, I think I would much rather focus on geography Now. I did the opposite, like Atlanta LA is a very competitive probate market. They're very similar in a lot of ways, LA's very spread out. So I decided to focus in on those sales that need court confirmation. So out of the 500 a month, there might be 30 that. Um, 40 that need core confirmation, smaller set, but I focus on those and so I do think it's important to focus in on a set to start seeing the same people. Now, let me ask you, these are probates. Are you seeing the attorneys along the way? Is that part of the process for you or are you bypassing that dealing directly with the. Executor. Yeah, I go straight to the executive cause uh, all the numbers in the list I got, all the numbers are a hundred percent accurate emails and everything. So everybody I called is a hundred percent accurate. Phone numbers always a hundred percent. I'm, I talk to that person every time, hundred. So what I do, instead of like, just that this mother October, like I'll pull the list from October. I won't probably call the list for October to let on down the line. So what I do, I go back. Like, like, uh, I like who I'm calling at, like people from March, April and May and June, July. Hope you guys listen to this. Pay attention cuz we one second there. Cause so many agents are concerned. Why? By the data, but it's 30 days old instead of 25 days old. Right? And here your waiting it sounds like three and six months, right? So I don't, I don't call. As soon as I pull 'em, I let them, let them grieve a little bit, let all everybody else mud, the water, whatever. Then I come back and hit them. Like, like the list I'm pulling from October, I might not reach out to them probably what? Probably January. So right now all the ones I'm working on from, from March like to July. So that's all the people that I'm focused on right now. Nice. Right. Unless I see, Unless I see. But unless I run into an address, I know the area. Areas real hot and I know the real hot cause I know the area where I'm at. I gone just, you know, especially if they out town, I gone just drill on them real, real hard, you know? And try to go and get it closed, get the contract signed. Now, you know, you might also, cuz you, you really have a chance to take two bites of the apple, right? You, you're being the investor and your wife being a realtor. Do you guys market the same, Does she do probate as well? Yeah, so, no, she don't, she don't, she just do ages. So what I do is like, I got buyers that I have, so I get'em first crack at the, at the leads that I get cause Sure. Cause I got by that, if you bring me the deal, I left your, let your wife list the house after we do to rehab. I got some buyers that when I send the list, they get the clothes, they'll let my wife get the uh, list after they get done with the rehab Man. Does your wife take care of you? I hope she does. That's pretty good. She just, she just left. She gone now. She got a pocket show. Her purse four. She just left out the door right before I got on the call. Okay. Long care of you. I was like, you got going pretty good over there. But the other thing I'd say is you might consider when you close these deals, having her con, if she's looking to do any market, Call the attorneys with these deals you're buying cash deals from and say, Hey, just fyi, your client, Mr. Jones, we just closed this deal. You know, he was a cash seller. We put together in 25 days and, and he's got his money and we, and he's moved on and happy with it. And if you get these kinds of deals and you need a cash offer right away, reach out to me directly, or if you get listed, I can help you with that. So to me, you, you can kind of get 'em coming and going. Uh, if you guys work together, I call it two bites of the. Right. So. Well, good. Well, Dave, thanks for sharing that with us, Terry. I really appreciate it. Right, no problem. So, hey, this call is meant to be interactive. You, anybody have any questions for Dave before I let him go? I'm paying him a lot of money for this interview, by the way. His hourly rate, he's very expensive. So if you wanna ask him a question, put in the chat box or raise your hand in the Zoom call. Real, real quick. Bill, what, um, what was his lead source that was a hundred percent. Dave, thanks So the courthouse, I go straight, I go straight to the courthouse and, pull 'em offline in the computer go to the, Oh yeah, I pull 'em off straight from the, uh, courthouse website inside the courthouse. Do companies sell the data with a filing on it, the, you know, case numbers and names, petitioners and such. No, I haven't checked, but I have thought about it since I got all the list for that particular county, gonna start working on some other counties. I'm thinking about trying to try to push out, you know, someone wanna buy the list from me, you know, I had the list already in the spreadsheet phone number, emailed and all that already ready to go. So that's a great idea. Cause you're doing, you did the footwork just monetize up on both sides. Great idea, right? Yeah. And, and the same thing might also consider testing a data source or two and comparing what they give you to what you get. I, that's what I do actually subscribe to two services. I do a lot of data harvesting on my own as well to supplement it. So, because there's certain things I want that they don't sell that I, I get on my own. Way to go. That's fantastic. Winston has got his hand up. Is that for Dave or something else? Yeah, I actually, I had a step away for a while so I missed most of what he said. But if he can just kinda re-summarize. I heard something about he's not calling on the new list. He's. Those, I guess, season and let other guys kind of burn through those until they give up and he's going back six months and he can kinda expand on that just for minute. I'd really love it. Yeah, basically it's like, just like I was telling Bill, like just say this is my October I, I'm not gonna call the list right here in October. Cause they good in France. I know from doing this for a while. They really just not ready for the sale at this point. So what I do, I go back. I go back so much like maybe like March or April, and so when I got the numbers in my system, I click on Zillow. It'll let me know if it have it been sold or not. So I go through if the ones have not been on Mark or not sold, so I go back and start calling them people like from March until, like I said, to like July and then like when October, when I get ready for the October list, which is this. I won't start calling up until around maybe January, February. And then after that I'll go back even farther. Cause I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go online and see have they been sold even far as January or this year. So when I, when I get caught up on my, Cause I'm gonna go back even farther cause there's still some, some hanging apples still left in there somewhere that still need parts. Cause sometime it might take a year or two before they ready to sell. It's plenty more back there in your system that people throw away these leads cause it's so far back and they try to focus on trying to get the people that's first started off back, but they really not ready yet. So what you need to do, you need to go all the way. In the beginning of the month, you start calling these people first before you start causing the one that, before you start calling the one fresh, you know, off the system that just filed probate this month. That's, that helps me to know that, Cause I've got some old stuff that I was almost giving up on, but now I'm gonna go back and work that. How is your calls being received when you're working with people that, that have been on the list for six months? Are they a little bit easier to cause people kind of faded away that we're calling or how's your success rate? Maybe David, can you share with us maybe role play what a sample call would sound like if you, if I was on your list and I had a probate that was, uh, 3, 4, 6 months file already, what, what, what might that call sound like? Well, I'll call 'em be like, Well, I just say for instance, I'm called, Hey, Kenny. This is, uh, this is David. Uh, this is David o I was just reaching out to you about the property at such and such to see. Did you have any plans for that property? That's it. And then once they get to talking, then they might go into another system. You know, another conversation. I, I, I goes off no script. I don't use the script at all. See, this is the thing I try to tell people when I coach'em is, is not the script. Now, if you need one to make your phone calls, fine. There's a script on the website, Probate Mastery. Do. It's not the script. and has nice enough voice, but isn't nothing magical about what he is doing. But He is calling people and some wanna sell their house and he's on the phone with them at that time. You follow that? Yeah. Then sometime I'll say like, uh, I'll reach out to him like, Hey, did you receive my mail piece that I got in the, that I sent you in the mail? Instead of, Hey, do you wanna sell your problem? I'll give you a cash offer.. But that's dead. So I, I'll call, be like, Uh, did you receive my, my envelope in the mail? They'll be like, What envelope you. That you seeing? I'm not sure that I get it or not. Then I start the conversation from there. Cause now they don't, they don't drop their guards. Now you can open the conversation up a little more instead of calling saying, I got cash offered for your house. You know, everybody telling them that. They, they not gonna give you the time of the day. Well, I know not here. They not, they're gonna hang up on you real quick. Well, certainly, and, and like you say, the brand new filings are getting 30 phone calls like that. They're gonna hang up a few months later. Uh, and, and all of a sudden the rally sinks in a little bit. There might be more, some apparently are open to that phone call. So Yeah. Cause most of 'em, yeah, most of, I don't close cause a lot of people don't do follow up. They, they'll tell me like, my phone, I was getting a lot of phone calls, but you like the only ones still pretty much reaching out to me. Cause everybody, I'm trying to move on to that newer, fresh list trying to beat everybody to the, to the punch with all them crowding these people at one time for their fresh list. But you need to go back some months. Call that list then work your way back up for Dave likes those aged leads. Right. Good. Very good. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that. Right, No problem. Okay, so I see a question from Kim Carmichael and if you're on and wanna a mute and jump in the conversation, so I had met with two attorneys a while back and I gave one my first lead, like my first referral, and I was really excited. I thought it went really well, but the client just texted me today and said that they fired them cuz they were. So , I guess not really a question. More just a learning experience. Um, how would you screen them better? Because my client said they were really nice, but they did a bad job as far as like, Yeah. I, I, you know, Kim, I think that this is the area for me personally because my goal I started was to build my business based on attorney referrals. My father was an attorney. I went to law to court with him many times. I clerked for attorneys in the summer when I was in college. Uh, my business before I got into probate was, you know, disproportionate attorneys, LA has law of attorneys, but the process of referring was just so frustrating between the customer not being happy with the attorney. Um, the attorney not doing a good job. In many cases, the attorney not referring back business, I think, and appreciating the process that they're not salespeople. They don't really understand how, how we're working to get it. Uh, their own business might be suffering, but they don't appreciate somebody else who's building their business. and so a couple things I've learned. One is they're just saying, Hungry dogs hunt best. So you wanna find, even though we all want the person who has this huge practice and non-stop flow business, they're just not gonna appreciate you. Mm-hmm. generally speaking as much, and somebody who's hungry building the business. Now the problem is, If somebody's too hungry in building a business, it might because they give bad service, so it's hard to vet. So that's why if you look at my channel, I interview so many attorneys because.. On one hand, I'm saying to them, I'd like to promote your business, but at the same time, I'm asking the questions. I'm looking for clues because mm-hmm., I get asked word to refer business to all the time, and the answer's not the one attorney. The answer is based on the price, based on the personality, based on their location, based on their male, female, based on. Who I think is to be a connection. It's, it's, and it's, and most don't go do a good job. And I'll tell you this, I don't know Colorado, I think you're in Colorado, right, Kim? Mm-hmm.. I'm in LA so I'll, I can, I can speak with authority. In Los Angeles, 90% of the, of the case of handling la probate are handled poorly by trees who don't really know what they're doing. That's the fact. So now you, you combine that with why just pick an attorney from that list? Nice of the time they're gonna gonna do a good job. And so I think the opportunity is to learn who the really good ones are in your area and and to seek them. And I think that the good ones would be hard to reach and hard to get to and, and think they don't really need you. And then I turn around and find out, well they do cuz they, they list the property, this person, but they're, they got continued because that, well, agents an idiot. So it, it is a chall. That's the challenge. But I think that's the opportunity at the same time is become a expert in the attorney. Uh, roster in your area and take referring seriously. The other thing I wanna say is I'm on the Probate Mastery Group. I have my own Facebook group. I'm with the xp. I have another Facebook group there that I run, and every day I see referrals. People say, I need an attorney, a probate attorney in Denver, Like five people pop in names and I wanna say, But you really know what they're looking for. Are they looking for a probate litigator? Are they looking for a probate administrator? There's a trust case. Half the time it's not even probate. Half the time they're in probate, but they need an eviction attorney, different guy or gal, or they need a criminal, different guy or gal, even if it's in a, within a probate case. So I take the referrals really seriously and really vet them and try to find really, what are they looking for. What do they need? What's their budget? Um, that's also, I got involved with probate advances cuz sometimes people will pick an attorney based on how much money they want in advance and they'll settle for a poor attorney cuz it's easy to hire them. But by giving 'em a probate advance, I can get them the money without making that decision. And then you get the better service. So That's an area that I work on more diligently so I can then make that referral to an attorney without regards to the fee. So quick shameless plug.

I host a program 8:

30 AM tomorrow Wednesdays Pacific.: get and I talk about, I do an overview for 30 minutes on probate advances, and then if you're in the, in the world wanna talk about, we'll do some questions and answers on that there. That's an area that I work on more diligently so I can then make that referral to an attorney without regards to the fee. And that's a big, I think, a. Does that help a little bit. Yeah. Thank you. Great. And thanks so much. Okay. So I see hands up, I see a bunch of questions in the question box. Let's see. Vince, do you wanna jump in here real quick? We can talk a little bit. Little deeper on that question. So Vince is asking really, what, what are we using for CRM products? Yeah. Uh, I'm kind of getting back into this, part of the business. I've been an appraiser for 30 years and, um, a CRM is not really anything that I've thought about until now. And of course, David always says, you know, your CRM is your. Is your rock and everybody says, uh, you know, they keep track of people to contact and quite frankly, I'm a babe in the woods when it comes to that. And I was just trying to get some feedback from other folks to, uh, maybe try something different. Agile. It's free and I like free. I'm basically cheap, and it's not exactly what I had hoped. So not just trying to get input from the folks on the call and see what they're using. Great. So if you run the call and use a CRM product, what if you, by ensuring that, go ahead and put in the chop box. What CRM product do you use? Do you use a mail program with all the names and numbers? How do you keep contacts? Um, so a couple things I'll throw out just as, as we kind of collect some answers. That's a great question to ask. And it's a common question that real estate agents ask. But what I wanna say is you don't pick the tool and then figure out the process. You figure out the process, you. And get the right tool. And so the real question is, what are you doing with the contacts? And then you need the right tool that does that. You know, for example, if all you're gonna do is email out to 'em regularly, you can use an email program. Uh, I use MailChimp for email. Now my MailChimp connects to my crm. But if all you're do is mail out once a week or once a month, that that's free for 2000 contacts, that works fine. If we're gonna use it for just accumulating names, addresses, phone numbers, and spreadsheets work fine. But then when you get into more sophisticated follow up. There's following up on specific leads and then there's, uh, maybe a more systematized method of, of reaching. And so, for example, I use Salesforce, which is a generic CRM product. and I use that to do two things. One, I schedule individual to-dos all my hot leads and follow ups and, and key contact.. But then I also make sure I call certain, a certain population of people that I wanna talk to every 90 days. I call 'em every 90 days. And helps you do that. And then it connects for the emails. and that can sort out data, you know, do I know an attorney in Ohio? I can pull up Ohio Attorneys and figure out who they are. But the key thing is, uh, Vince, you need to kind of organize your processes and then find the right tool that supports those process. That makes sense. There's no right answer. And, and for most real estate agents, it should be Google Contacts plus Google Sheets, plus MailChimp, or you know, Apple Contacts plus Apple Sheets plus an email program. Maybe, maybe email, um, MailChimp or, or equivalent. Quick follow up. I see, one particular CRM turn up in the comments quite a bit. And uh, my question to those folks is that broker supplied? KvCore is a, is independent company, used to be called Kunversion. And they were like the number three or four real estate specific CRM product and then eXp just gives it to all their agents and as eXp has exploded, so has KV core usage, but KV core is also used by other brokerages throughout the country. It's interesting irony. I used to work for a small dependent here in LA and when I left them, they got KvCore for all their agents as well, partially as a defense mechanism cuz they were losing so many to eXp.. But, but KvCore is a independent product. You can buy it on your own. Or your brokerages to buy it and give out to other agents as well. Um, so I, I also use KV Corp for part of my business. It'll do all your mailing, it'll, it will do your follow ups, It'll help you, again, contact every 90 days. You can write sophisticated campaigns in it. It's definitely a full service product. But again, the mistake agents make with KV core is they get it and they start working on KV core instead of working under business. It's a very, it's a great tool, but you wanna use that tool in the right way, okay. I hope that helps a little bit, Ele from South Florida what's going on Hi guys. Okay. I'm being doing real estate for 20 years and I was exposed to multiple CRMs. I think strongly what you were saying, Bill, once you get into a crm, a lot of the times you become the CRM expert. So to cut the chase and to cut the leg of work, I would strongly suggest to hire a techy guy. That's what I've done. So they can pretty much kind of set you up and automate your campaigns. And I come from a small brokerage. My husband is the broker. I am practically a broker as well. And I'm a former Keller Williams agent in Coldwell Banker as well. Any system that you can actively make those calls, take those notes, set up your task automation in reference of emails, text messages, and more than that, when we're talking about conversion, Cuz I gotta, I gotta tell you, I'm in the hurricane area. Okay? And it's been a killer. The demand is so high, but we know also, that there is not much properties that can be sold immediately, in the real estate sign. I'm talking in the probate, going back to their probate. I will say make those phone calls like Pannell has been saying it like you Bill and taking notes. I'll tell you, I have notes everywhere. I have a notebook, but when it came back to see exactly where is my pipeline conversion, it's coming down to all those tasks and everything on the calendar. Calendar has to be massive. It's massive if you don't use a calendar to put yourself in prospect. You're not in business. V ery good! Ele, thank you so much. Yeah. You know, I'll just share with you guys, for home defense, I live in Los Angeles. I have a gun in the house, guns in the house, and, you know, I'm, I'm 63, I'm 64. I don't have the best eyesight in the world. I'm not, you know, not as Quick as I used to be. But as a result I have multiple magazines. Cause I figure the more bullets I fire bound to hit where I'm shooting at if I have to. And that's just getting the lead on the target. When you go to the range, that's what the, he said, just get the lead on the target. You'll figure it out, you know, the order later. And I think the same's true with my business that, you know, if I just spend all morning talking to attorneys, estates, or people for me business. You gotta talk to people. So whatever CRM is, Elsa gets you to make the phone calls, get the texts out, get the emails out, that's great. But you gotta interact with the people at the end of the day. That's what the whole thing is designed to do, is to get you talking to people. All the mail in the world designed to get people either call you or you call them so that you can talk to them and get a contract signed. It's not, it's not how many emails you send out, it's how many contracts you write or how many houses you. So thank you. I think it's right on. Um, uh, a lot of good I, uh, input there. Follow Boss is another one. And, KV Core, A lot of people love KvCore. Great. Podio's another option, I know people do well with. REI Black book. Okay, good. Wow, that's a lot of good answers here. Okay, good. and Brian says, I think this is true, you need some sort of weekly, monthly market update. Now I will say I do it myself. I write the content. What I would not recommend is buying a service that does the content post to social media. I create the content and then send it out through the tool because I think I want the customers to get connected to my voice, my way of doing things, my way of seeing things, and I'd just say spend an hour a week. I actually have my calendar on Sundays. literally have it in my calendar on 5:00 PM on Sunday. Truth is, I'm usually watching Sinai football with my wife and half time I'll come down if I haven't done it already, and I'll read through real estate information, uh, and find an article that I like, and then I'll comment on it. And then nowadays I'll actually video myself on it and send out that. But you need to find things to think that you like, uh, to do it yourself. Otherwise, you're just not gonna, you're gonna send a message that you're not gonna connect with, and that won't be real for you. Um, Lynette has two virtual assistants. Okay. So we have some pretty sophisticated people on the call, um, doing some sophisticated things, which is great. So I think we had some two pretty good topics today. What else can we talk about to help you guys with? Okay. Does Brian have an update on your ventures with EstateExec? Brian, if we're on the call and available, do you wanna give us a quick update on how you're doing with the Estate Exec. It's still works and I'm still using it to get in, uh, when I talk with attorneys. So, um, I highly recommend everybody familiarize yourself with that tool, uh, because it is a differentiator in the market for us. Yeah, I think it's important to have something that you do that other people don't and have value that has value, perceived value to the customers. So, Fantastic. Well, thanks. I didn't really expect an update. I didn't see on the agenda the Brian Wilson update, but somebody asked for it. So thanks for being available.[Laughs] Sorry, Bill, Carla I see your hand up. Um, let's get you unmuted and how can we help you? Okay. I just wanted to ask about going to the courthouse. In Chad's earn course. He talks about going to the courthouse and asking the probate clerk is, is it the probate clerk that you would ask what, who their favorite attorneys are or who they like to work with? I mean, how, how do I know? I have an appointment on November 10th with some attorney partners, and just wanted to know, I, I have my little sheet out about how to interview them and things like that, but I'd also like to get like a second opinion that the reviews aren't the best. And that's, um, I didn't see those till after I made the appointment with them, so I don't, I know it's not a done deal when you meet with them. It's like the, Okay, no, we're gonna do business. It doesn't need to be that way, but I just wanted to see what the best way, like go to go to court or go to the courthouse. Should I talk to people there about who they. To work with there. Yes. Yes, and yes. But, um, so a couple things. So you referred to the earn course. So those of you who've taken probate master are eligible to take the next class, which is earn, earn, uh, attorney referrals. Now, and full disclosure, I'm actually one of the teachers of what the segments of the program, that's how I made my living, was going to court daily, you know, I do know that every court's different. You're, I see you're in Sacramento, so I can guess, it's a pretty big county and there's a lot of probate business there, so I imagine the court used to be very active. I don't know the current status with COVID. I know the courts tend to be the most. Locked down of any other than hospitals or medical centers, was locked down regarding covid and keeping people outta the, out of the place and masks and all kind of stuff. So I don't know how it is in Sacramento. I think you should go and find out and in LA when you walk in the few clerks are there are, they're head down behind Bulletproof class and they're not gonna give the time of the day. You have to ask for the right form in the right place. They're just not very helpful. And yet in other counties I know that the clerks are very helpful and I've had. People who've talked to us called call me back and say, Oh my gosh. I went in and I met this clerk and she was the greatest. And she introduced me. And then I went to court and the judge said hi to me and asked me why I was there and became my friend. Um, that doesn't happen in La , you're not gonna talk to the judge. You're not approach the judge. there's an armed bailiff between you and the judge. So, so I think it depends. And I would say to you, Carla, just go and find out for yourself. Here's the thing I'll say to you, very few agents, Go for the purpose of building a business at the courthouse. There are agents who've gone once because of the property to sell and nowadays they won't go because they can choose to go video, which I think is a mistake. So I would say go and see what's available if they're friendly or not. Uh, you know, and hang around a little bit if they're a little early. If the court, if the probate hearings start at eight 30, get there at eight o'clock, you're already gonna go there and park, Why not get an extra half hour? So he was there. Plan staying a little later and just seeing who hangs out afterwards. So, um, I would urge you to go and find out, cuz every county's different. In general, I would say, you know, large cities, you're not gonna get as much personal attention. Small counties you'll get, and I think Sacramento by as large as mine. I, I'm actually about 40 minutes north of Sacramento, so I'm in Sed County, so I think it, it'll be whole all they're here. I'll bet they're totally different. I'll bet. Sacramento is more like LA and I'll bet SED County's like, uh, right. San Bernardino where, you know, uh, it's just a. You know, different vibe. Yeah. And so, and, and frankly I think either one's fine. I would pick the one that was convenient for me. Mm-hmm and if it's, if it's Sutter County Wall, it's much smaller. There's also this competition and if you go to courthouse, you're gonna meet more likely than not people there that you wouldn't meet at a larger courthouse. So I think that's a great opportunity for you. I would say go and I would say plan to go a couple times, cuz the first time you're gonna get the lay the land, you're gonna find out the schedule. So I would, you know, I know myself. On the private master class, when I took it, Chad challenged us to go. Once. I went once and I saw, Wow, there's a lot going on here. I committed to going daily for the rest of that week. Then I, so I'll go the rest of the month and I went and took notes and the end of that month I wrote my business plan out. It was just amazing what I learned just by being there, paying attention and being one to. Okay, so call, Here's your homework. Go and come back and give us a report. Okay? Okay, sounds good. Thanks. As far as attorneys, as far as the reviews, you know, again, most attorneys don't know what they're doing. That could be good for you if you can help them. That's the opportunity, right? If the I like comment. Yeah. She said practice your interview on the ones that aren't doing as well, and maybe I can help ' em. So, Well, everyone's practice, everyone's experience, but I wouldn't target the ones who aren't good... target the ones I can get appointments with. But I would say don't let that dissuade you. I would say go after 'em and, and see where you can be of have assistance. Okay. Thank you. Great. Thanks. Thanks, thanks so much. Okay. So, any other questions We got about another five minutes or so. And, uh, just a reminder in Facebook here, the probably Mastery Alumni Group, which posts reminders for this and content all the time in different people's. Uh, l I see your hand. Back up. Let's get you back in there. What's going on? Okay. You were talking about going to court. Um, a lot of the court cases for proby. Eh, specifically in the southeast and southwest are handled virtually right now. Yeah. Um, we know that , that's not kind of a benefit for us, but, um, I've gone there. I tried to be the. Apprentice, the per the intern kind of person, uh, is a challenge. However, something that really has been helpful is making those calls to attorneys. I actually, from some of my database, a previous prospects, I contact an attorney. And asking some questions and they're, you know, they're human. Mm-hmm., I'll tell you, just have those conversations with them. I went to the courthouse, I took pictures of myself. I have the judge literally with the door closed. There is an officer covering the entrance, and there's another one right next to the judge. So, Maybe in LA it's really different than the east, southeast coast. Well, no, what, What I'd say is, you know, I went to court every day before covid. Now I go to court when I have the opportunity for a matter to serve my customer. So for buying a property at a court sale, I'll go in person, even though it can't go via video. If I have a listing, these core confirmation, I'll go in person, even though I can't do video, cuz it better service my client also. Oftentimes attorney will show up on the matter and while there's less people overall, there used to be there's only me and maybe one attorney or two attorneys. And so I think you have to be judicious about your time. I wouldn't waste it, but I do think that when given the chance to go to court to see something in particular, I would always urge you to go to learn because the information and experience is worth a lot more. The time spent prospecting people. It's invaluable. I've seen so many court sales now that I can, I can, you know, by judge tell you what some of the things that they've done that people said, Well, that you can't get the judge to prove that. No, I've saw this judge do that. I saw that judge do that. So it's very viable information to go in person and, and try to meet people. And we can't. I've also, in LA there's an entrance, an exit when and, and it's behind kind of where one of the departments where the judge is, she walks her dog over. Of course now, personally, between you guys, I don't only like dogs. Um, I just don't, I'm not a dog guy, but, but when the judge is there with a dog, oh, what a cute dog, what's his name? Of course I had a chance to talk to the judge. So, um, anyhow, definitely I would say be opportunistic and if you're learning, the information is more viable than the prospects. So I take those opportunities. Okay, Al, thanks So, Um, and yeah, I think that, um, uh, every, every county is different. Every single one is. My experience. And let's see, Vince says I'm taking applications to kick my butt to get me started and shake my perfectionism. Yeah, Vince, there's no, there's no CRM that will solve perfectionism or, uh, perfect touch the system. That's gonna be just make the phone calls and just talk to people. And I think if you count the people you talk to daily, uh, talk to not dial, if you just count people, talk to and monitor that number, that will help you get into action talking to people. Okay, we're coming up in the witching hour here, so I don't see any last burning questions so I think we'll wrap it up here. I'm Bill Gross. We do this every Tuesday at noon, Pacific time,


00 PM Eastern Time, including South Florida. my former home and hopefully home again sometime soon. but it's also recorded and put on the YouTube channel. It's also put on the website probate, which has I think the best certification for learning the basics of getting in this business as well as getting a certification, probate Mastery, becoming a certified probate expert. And there's other advanced programs. I know Chad and KA are working hard at creating some more content as well. So look forward to see you guys there. We do every Tuesday. Look forward to see you next week. If I can help on Bill Gross and give a call if I can help you text, email, and have a great week. Thanks everybody.

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