Estate Professionals Mastermind - Probate and Senior Real Estate Podcast

Evictions, unclaimed property, and how to get probate leads faster| Episode 92

October 06, 2022 Bill Gross and Certified Probate Experts Episode 92
Estate Professionals Mastermind - Probate and Senior Real Estate Podcast
Evictions, unclaimed property, and how to get probate leads faster| Episode 92
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You'll Learn:

  • How to get probate leads faster
  • What to do when buying probate property with squatters
  • What happens to unclaimed property when the owner passes away
  • If going to probate court is worth it
  • Best practices for attorney referrals
  • Probate skiptracing vs. probate lists with phone numbers
  • Probate CRM recommendations

Episode Navigation:
0:00 Go the extra mile for your real estate clients (Real Estate Sales)
10:02 How to meet probate attorneys as a Realtor/investor (Attorney Networking)
16:39 Fair rent and rent increases for 2022 (Real Estate Investing)
18:45 Khalid’s probate court visit was a success! (Success Story)
20:20 CRM recommendations for probate leads (Real Estate CRMs)
23:44 The truth about brochures for real estate marketing (Probate Marketing)
28:03 What happens to unclaimed property with deceased owners? (State-administered Probate)
32:34 Best probate skiptracing and probate data sources (Probate Data)
34:31 How to gain access to a probate property, evictions (Probate Investing)
44:15 Probate property already sold: Lead segmentation (Probate Leads)
45:55 Probate docket and understanding different probate cases (Probate Real Estate)

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Hey, good afternoon. This is Bill Gross and this is a Probate Mastery Mastermind call. We get together every Tuesday at noon Pacific time, 3:00 PM Eastern, and every time before and after every other time zone, and we get together and talk about all things real estate. And these are, This is for people who are actively working with the Probate Mastery program that's founded by Chad Corbett. Probate coaching program, the basics of getting certified as a probate expert. And I think the basics as far as the mindset of being in service to people rather. Just selling houses or just flipping houses. And so I'm, I'm Bill Gross. I am an alumnus of the program. I took Chad's program before he founded the company at another company. I retook it here. I also both contributor and graduate of his EARN program. And really I'm just a colleague, I'm just a practitioner of the business. I'm Los Angeles, California. I use the, my website is the la probate I do host my own live stream on Thursdays, Love to have you join me there. And I started that because I need that as practitioner. And then Chad launched this program has asked me to help fill in from time to time as his guest host. I was off last week for holidays. I'd be off the next two weeks. High Holly starts tonight. Actually. It's sun. We have dinner here at my house at at five o'clock, but I love anybody who wants to tell me how they missed me last week. How I'm much better than Chad, better looking, more gracious. Feel free to put that in the chat box. I, I'm starved for your affection and attention and then I'll be off the next two weeks. So, um, I wanted to start today just with one thing. I, I was off just on the phone with somebody who I know through this call and similar calls. I don't know that he's on and unless, you know, he had, didn't gimme permission to talk about it, so I kinda keep it myself. But it was a question he asked that I answered in a Facebook group and then he called me. We talked about a little bit, but I wanna kind of share not the solution to the problem, but more the mindset. So the question is, in California, I think it's true maybe in other states, but in California, in order to close escrow when there's a court ordered sale, which is about 10% of them uh, with limited authority or a court confirmation of sale. Court confirmation sale that we, that the title company will acquire a certified copy of the court order. So what's really silly, cause I think in the 1970s when the law was passed you know, you would have a court confirmation sale. You go to court and the judge will say out loud we have a sell here for $400,000. Anybody wanted to bid more in Californians by 5%. Plus $500. So if it's a $400,000 sale, you're confirming, basically he's saying, or she's saying, Anybody here willing to bid 4 2500 or more and have a cashier's check in order to be qualified? And if they do, then there's an auction. If they don't, they confirm the sale. And so the judge will say, Confirming the sale, property address, sales, price, commissions, terms and such. And, and so what's created is there's a note in, in, in Los Angeles County called a minute where the clerk will summarize what the judge. The attorney is to prepare a court order with all those details. Now, in some regards, it seems kind of odd to require that in this day and age we have, you know, other ways to record things, but that's how we do it. So the attorney prepares the order and then files it with the court, and then usually within a couple days it was done, right? It gets signed, it usually has a couple errors, goes back and forth, and you can take 30 days or so to get a signed order from the judge. In some counties, the, the clerk prepares it, that just signs it on the spot in San Bernardino, in la the, the attorney provides it the next day, and then the, the judge could be on vacation or busy. And like I said, the process takes anywhere from seven to 30 days depending on the process. When you find out about, Cuz online you get a notification that there was a confirmation there was a the judge signed the order, but the title companies since 1970, they want a certified copy of the judge's order, which is on the website. And you say for those of us who are here in 2022 with internet access, I don't get it. Can you just go online and verify it? I don't know. The top companies don't wanna have to verify. They want you to give them a, a certified copy. So, that said normally the processes you go to court. I used to go to court every day and so, I would go downstairs and wait in line and it would cost about 40 bucks to get a certified copy of the documents. About two or three pages. Some attorneys would do it themselves. Some attorneys would use a vendor like the bond service. Some title reps will do it for you. It all depends on who you're using in the circumstances. So when this guy said, Well, how do you do it? I say, Well, to be honest, I usually do it myself. And, and I, I use a legal service just like attorneys use services to file documents and research and get documents. I use an attorney's service. Normally attorneys use it also. Title companies use it also. I use it. And so for me, when I have a, a court sale, I just order the documents and they have a runner goes down and pulls the document, stands in line, gets it certified, and sends me the originals and I have them to give to title. And I tell the attorney I did that. So why do I do that? Do I have to?. No, I could probably get something else to do it. Why? Might just real quick question here. Why might I wanna do that myself? Anybody wanna answer the question? And again, it's not relevant, it was not true in your county. It's the attitude I want you to get to get straight. Why might I do that? Who wants to offer a solution or reason why? Providing value to the attorney. Right. See, without, I want, I want the attorney so dependent on me, they can't imagine getting outta bed without me as their preferred real estate agent on their prob big deals. That's the goal. And so I notice, for example, the attorneys would pick a, a certain bond vendor because they would get those documents and I'd say, Well, I'll do that for you. I was ready that that core was no big deal. Now it costs, I don't know, 80 bucks. So let me ask you this. Who, Here's a real estate agent, is your commission on average more than $80? How many, how many probate listings would you like for a cost of $80 a piece? I'm just curious. My answer is, as many as I can get. You can line 'em up 10 miles long and I'll find enough people to help me to get every one of them. Anybody here on up for that game? Yeah. So it's, But here's the thing we'd hear. It's not the, the form. It's not that certified copy. That's the key point. What's the point I'm trying to make. A couple of you have it in the chat. Be a problem solver. Be the solution. Be the vendor that your attorney, that your client needs to have to get the job done, and you don't want them thinking about how they could do it without you. You want them just to think you're the one to do it. And so it's on you every day, and you want that to be in a relationship, what I would call your language of love, right? My, I'm married 36 years. How in the world did that happen? I have no idea. Don't tell my wife. I, I, I, I don't think she is aware. We're still married. I'm getting away with it, but, but you know, sometimes people do things for you. Like, my wife makes coffee. Could I make coffee on my own? I'm not a cook, you know, I can barely make, you know, a cheese sandwich, but I can make coffee. Why does my wife make coffee and why? When she says, Do you want me to make coffee for you? The right answer's always yes. Why is that? That's the language of love in our relationship. In relationships, you know, you wanna be the language of love and when an attorney has problem, you wanna learn how to solve the problem. So they turn to you if you want referrals from them or petitioners families, that executive administrator, you could teach them how to get the form. You could teach 'em how to get the bond. You could teach 'em how to get these, or you can just do it for 'em. Say, Well, I'll handle that for. Now there are laws about not giving legal device and we have to follow the law. Don't, don't play with that. Don't cross that line. So I don't cross the line, but I can do things for them legally that aren't giving them legal advice. And so I wanna be that solution to all their problems. I want them to think of, all I gotta do is I gotta call Bill and neither he'll do it, or he'll know somebody who'll get it done for us. That's the. Okay, I wanna share that guy with you guys today, because again, it's not just that you can use a legal service, and in fact, I'm interviewing my legal service rep on my video, and I'll probably have 'em come as a guest on my probate weekly to share how I use them and what they do, what they don't do, how I pay for it, and so on. And we'll go through all that and hopefully it's a good tool for you, but more important than the tool. Is the attitude that if there's a problem, your goal is to figure out how to solve the problem. That's why I created Get probate Advances. And if you follow Chad, I think he's right. In many cases it's frowned on as a tool. It's it's expensive money for families. It has been misused in the past, but it also is a great tool when you need to advance my family who has a property and no money, but they need to get a great attorney to solve the case rather than Lous attorney. That's why I created it, and I've worked with other vendors and I've created my own group to get more agents involved with me on that program so it can bring some buying power to get great service for us rather than just for the customer. So that's what, That's what I have talk about today. I just wanted to share with you, I think the attitude of be the solution, be the problem. As a real estate agent, I always tell my customers, from your front sidewalk to your back fence all the way down and all the way up, accepting mineral rights and air rights. If you have a problem, I either have the solution or I'll get the solution for you. Either have a guy or I'll get the guy or gal. And so you've, Trina falls down, call me. I'll either have a tree guy or gal or I'll get one for you. I wanna be their solution. And with, for referrals with attorneys, same thing. I want to be their solution. All things probate, everything. Larry Smith hand up, first question of the day. So I get you unmuted and what we got going on, Larry. Hey. Hey, hey Bill. Thanks for being back. Thanks. We did, we did miss you terribly. Thank you. I need to hear that. Thank you. We all, if you all can stand it, I really appreciate it. Thank you, . I couldn't say that like a straight face.. Hey, so I'm meeting an attorney tomorrow and I would love to hear your, your best practices, helpful hints, if you will, about the meeting. You believe the attorney would want to hear and see if, see what the best practice is for? So, you know, this is kind of like an area for me, like marriage. I'm really good at telling you what you're supposed to do. I'm not quite as good at doing it every day. Just let's be honest about it. Okay. So relationships, you know, take work. They're a marathon, not a sprint. And, and I don't wanna pretend. That I'm good at it. I will admit I work at it every day hard and I probably have to work at it harder cuz I'm not as good at it by nature. So I, I don't wanna, I don't wanna pass myself off as all knowing and all seen by the way, I will say is this, I think it's really important that when you want a relationship, you wanna be as much like the other person as you can. So, you know, I don't know, you know, where it is, where you are, where I am. If I meet an attorney at court, they're in a suit and tie through a. Or, or I say similar if you're a woman, whatever that means to you. And, and if I meet them in Los Angeles, downtown area, in a restaurant or bar or coffee place or in Beverly Hills, same thing. If I go in the South Bay, different story, more likely open dress shirt and slacks. So I say dress is an important part and I would say you wanna act like them and your demeanor and what I don't wanna be, I don't want them to think of me as a salesman. I find that attorneys will often tell me, They have no respect for our industry at all that most real estate agents or clowns, who's who besides me, had that feedback. All your real estate agents are clowns, All the real estate, other real estate agents or all the others, but you are clowns who's had that kind of feedback. I have numerous times, so I wanna be as different from that person as I can. And one is, I never want to ask for referrals. I never wanna ask for business. I want them to wanna do business with me so bad. They offer it up to me. How can we work together? What can we do? And give them chances to do that. So that's why for me, I use my video interview as a way to get them to talk about their business and start working with me that way. So I'm not gonna ask'em for anything. I'm gonna bring value. I'm gonna ask a lot of questions and learn how they do their business and make sure anything that I offer is appropriate for how they do business. You know, I'll give you one example. Some attorneys who do a lot of probate don't ever talk to families. They only get the business referred by an attorney. And, and they're very, you know, you know, they're very technical in what they do, and they have a staff who handles all the customer and they just don't really get involved in that. And so if you come in with a whole. Hey, you know, we have all these services we give and, and, and, you know, emotional support and all these other things, they're not interested cuz they don't, they don't touch that. So I would just definitely say Larry, ask a lot of questions and pay attention. And you know, I would want to walk away from the meeting with an idea of what can I do to do business with them? But I wouldn't wanna ask them that question when I'm with. The other best practice of any meeting is always a handwritten card. In fact, my coach had taught me.. I keep the card, I have a little folder with no cards, envelopes. Return dress label and stamps. And literally, I was taught to, when you go to the meeting, when you're done, or a lunch meeting, right outta a handwritten card, drop it off for the first mailbox. You find that the power of a, of a handwritten card just really powerful. So that's why one marketing gimmick. But I would definitely say bring value and a lot of questions and do less talking. One, one visual also on the subject, but I'm summarizing my whole class on EARN but this is an old fashioned chess clock if you used to play. I used to play a competitive chess in chess tournament. In chess, each partner or each competitor gets time on the clock. And when, when you make a move, you push the clock and then you're. Opponents clock is running. When they make a turn, they push the clock and then your turn is running. And I, I think about this as me talking and them talking, and I want them to talk as much as possible. One of the things I've learned in sales is the more they talk, the smarter they think you are, the more they talk, the smarter things you are. And that's, that's true in dating. I, I do a lot of coaching for men who are marriage minded, and my basic role of them is you have to talk a lot less, get them to talk. The more they talk you with self a bit. Yeah. That's good stuff. I had a follow up. Is state exec software and probate cash, do you feel like that's too early to talk about? Is it value to them or like kind of let it come naturally or do you wanna bring it up? So are you talking to an estate planning attorney specifically or do you not know their particular specialty? They're, they're probate and they do estate planning. My experience is there's probate who do some estate planning and it's basically a template and they have a system and they have a series. There's people who specialize in estate. And I think that, that when you talk to them, might ask some questions and get clear on how, where the percentage is of their practice. You obviously wanna solve the biggest problem you can and, and so you're probing good idea of what percentage their estate planning is versus probate administration. And probate litigation. Okay. But if your senses, they do a lot, if the state planning is a major focus or, or, or where would you like to get more? I really love do more estate planning. So talk about, so what are the challenges with it? What's, what's the part that hold you back? What's the part that you know? And if the solution is obvious, you might ask question, Have you looked at software like this? Have you seen something like this? Cuz there are similar solutions. But here you're offering it for free. So I think that's the distinction, but I would be very hesitant to offer it. I might say something like, you know, I think I might have something for you been working on for a while. I'd love to maybe get back together again and talk a little bit more if we set an appointment next week, or can I pop by your office next week for coffee? And I can have you shared a demonstration of it and, and present presented another time because I, I think you want, you certainly don't wanna just be the doctor who advises surgery at every meeting and you also wanna make sure that. Feel that you've taken the time to listen to them and prepare an answer. So I, I would say be very unlikely. Bring it up at the first meeting. I think that's, but again, the goal is to be in a relationship, so you wanna create a second opportunity and third, an opportunity. Perfect. Thank you sir. Thanks man. Thanks so much. Always a pleasure. Okay. So again, other questions. So I see a question in the box from Joyce. Let me see if I have any others before. Yeah. So, Okay. My zoom is probate One question, how much rent can be increased in LA County at this time? So, that's kind of a specific question for LA only. I, I will say you know, it's very technical. There's, there's rules for the state, There's rules for the county, There's rules for the city here in California. There are rules for different types of properties. Some properties are in the, in, in city of la we have a rent ordinance, and then other cities have it as well. So it really depends on your property type. It really depends on your, the city that you're in within LA County. And so I would definitely. If you can go online on, in YouTube, and there are experts in this area. Block, Dennis Block in LA County is one who talks a lot in YouTube for the Apartment Owner's Association of America. AA is a great job explaining LA County. I'm, I'm interviewing attorney in Northern California, Daniel Bornstein, who's an expert I think in Northern California. But each county's different. Each city's different as well. So again, I, I can say this, if you're not in a rent controlled area, single family homes for example, there's, there's not rent control... but there's county and state laws that may also apply. So that's the best I can offer on that. Choice. I wouldn't, again, I would be very careful to advise a client. I would wanna appoint them to resources. They can get that answer on their own. Cuz what you only do is advise them and they, they go off and raise the rent by the out and find out they're getting sued by the tenant and, and fin Challenging time to be on landlord in LA and California as a whole. Just, whew. I don't know why you'd wanna be in that business. I just, I hate to bad mouth or industry. I sell houses. I don't really work with buyers buying them as much, but man, tough time to represent investors who want run, not property. I don't, I just don't. It's not getting any better. It's gonna get a lot worse from what I can see. Okay. Any other questions? I, Again, Probate Mastery in Facebook has a great group, about 1500 members, and I know people post there. And in that group you'll see a post regarding And that's meant for referrals. And on Facebook, I have a group called Probate Experts. It's open to anybody, any realtor, investor, probate experts, on Facebook. Khalid you got your hand up. Let's get you un muted. And what do you got going on? Hey Bill. How you doing today? Khalid, I'm doing so good. It's not even fair. I'm almost embarrassed, so I have a Don't be embarrassed. That's actually great. You're an inspiration to a lot of people. You, whether you realize it or not. Thank you. I have a general just statement and then a question. So I've been taking the Build Gross approach and going to Khalid daily, and guess what? It works. Attorneys are literally walking up to. And like they're doing the same thing. They're, I'm, I'm like, I'm like literally living your life on the East Coast. Like, so I'm just getting very acquainted with the building. I'm learning, I'm telling, telling people, Oh yeah, that, that courtroom's over here, that courtroom's over there. I'm giving people directions. People are walking up to me. I'm meeting people in the, where they're recording where they have all the data and they just come up to me. They, I'm dressing like an attorney. And, I just want to thank you for that. My pleasure. I wanna say Khalid if you go anywhere dressed the way you are right now, you're gonna get people's attention, good looking guy, shirt and tie, like that big smile you're gonna do well. And I think again, not like I invented fire or slice bread. Just a rule in life in sales, if you're where the prospects are you're bound to get some business. It just isn't that complicated. And so I don't wanna make it sound like I invented the concept, but but thank, thank you for feedback and congratulations for participating. I know I have a good connection on my end. I think you're having some connection problems. But you're asking about a crm. so I think the thing about, I've been very involved with CRMs, customer relationship management software my entire career. I think the first software like that built was called "Contact Software International", later "Act!" I was on the Microsoft Outlook beta test before they even launched it. And I've been on the program for a long time. And you know, personally I use Salesforce. But I really use it because I, I used it before I did my private business and I kind of just changed everything to make it fit. But here's the thing I would say about CRMs or software or any tool, you wanna design the process and then find the tools that work for your process. So I would, the question's not really what CRM you should use. The question is, What data did you need to collect? How do you need to collect it? And then what do you need to do with it? And so, I do a lot of merging of data. I import a lot of, my business is a little different. I'm, I'm very competitive market in Los Angeles. I'm trying, I'm building a national network of agents. I'm building a national network of attorneys and vendors and so I'm constantly getting in data and merging it and updating. Salesforce does that better than anybody and reports as well. But you think about what you're gonna do with the data. Are you making phone calls? Are you using email? Are you using texts? What's the activity? Mailers, What's the activity you're using and how's the data work with it? So for me, what I like about Salesforce is it can be, I use, I use virtual assistance and they export the data in CSV format. Which is kind of universal language of data, and it can be imported elsewhere. So I use MailChimp for mail. I use a texting program for texts. I print out a spreadsheet when I need to make phone calls and updated in in Salesforce. So you have to think about your processes before you get into crm. And I, and I'd also would say second, that we always want to reinvest money, not spend money. So anytime, you know, like Salesforce costs, I think three or $400 a year for the software. I didn't use it until I You know, paid for it to have a closing and reinvest it until then. You can use a spreadsheet, you can use Google Contacts, they're free, or your Apple iPhone and sync it to your cloud. They're free piece of paper. Fine. So I, I, I, I would say be careful about. Using, We always think that we can solve a problem by spending money or buying something that doesn't solve the problem. It feels good, the shirt run, it's kinda like eating cookies. Feels good, not good for you. And I would say that this, and that's advice I, I'm good at giving that advice. I'm not good at keeping that advice, just full disclosure. But I would say crm, it's really about design the process. You know, for example, I use MailChimp for my mail, but my sales force. Connects to it. And with the XP reel too, we got a KV core. I use that for landing pages and for automated stuff, but that syncs to my MailChimp as well. So it's not the tool, it's how you're using it, what's the process. So design your process, you get the tools that you need to make that process work. That's my advice. Thanks so much. Congratulations and keep report back how you do. Okay, let's, I'm sure I can make a prediction. If you go to court regularly looking like you do and you talk to people who are looking to sell real estate, my guess is some will work with you. Just a wild guess. All right, thanks. Thanks so much. Thanks so much. Okay. Let's see. Next I got a question from Bud. Is we're introductory trifold type brochure for EstateExec that you could use when introducing the program to PRS or attorneys. So again I don't have one. And I'm not using that software yet in my, in my business. So I can't really answer the question from personal experience. I always caution people to are using the tool as your prospect technique or using it because you're scared to actually do something that's gonna generate the business. And so I was talking to Larry about going to meet attorneys. I wouldn't necessarily, you can mail out those flyers to get appointments or on an appointment. You can have the. I have a trifold about my services. It's more generic. It's from all the It covers all the services that I offer, but I'm very careful not to pull it out unless I need to point to something on the form because you don't wanna be this, the trifolds not gonna get you the business you are. I remember I changed my business years ago. I was in the mortgage business. And lost everything. This is back in 2008 and nine. Lost everything. I start over again. I went to real estate. And in the mortgage space, I built up all kinds of market materials, pre-moment package, fancy flyers, fancy image. When I started over again, I really had, you know, a lot less bud to work with and so I remember purposely making a decision. I went in and with my notepad pen and a nice pen. I think it's, I. Decent business cards and me, but I really wanted the competition to be about me, not about the flyer. So I don't have one butt on exec, on a state exec. It's a good question. It'd be nice to have. Again, I would just caution you, make sure you realize that if flyers could generate the business, they wouldn't need you. If flyers could generate business, Amazon or Google would've all the business in the world because they. They would psychologically figure out the right flyer and send it out automatically, and they'd have, you know, people in China printing out millions of flyers and blanking the America with, with flyers. The reason why that doesn't work is because at the end of the day, it's about the relationship, so make sure you find a flyer that you use that enhances a relationship, not a substitute for. Okay. I appreciate the answer. I may be using a trifold as a crutch with probate, but I was just wondering if there was one that existed. Apparently not yet. And that's fine. If you want when, Right? What's that? If you want, When I go to fiber and, and you can find somebody who'll design them. One of my tricks is a website, five f i v e r r. And the idea is like you throw me a $5 bill, a fiber, but F I V E R R, it's a great place for kind odd jobs. And what I'll do is something like this, I might point them to the website. And say, you know, and I'd hire two or three people to put together sample trifolds and maybe 20 bucks or 30 bucks, you'll get a couple d. You know, formats of 'em done for you. Yeah. You really wanna get one created like that. That's what I would, that's what I'm, I think you're real. I think I do think you're pretty funny actually. And not bad looking . Thank you. I do. I'm more hoping the girls find me Good looking though. Nothing personal, bud. But That's fine. Understand. I wanted to mention a little bit about having the relationships. This morning. Yeah. Most of our business here comes from relationships with attorneys, but this morning I, an attorney and I, well, I stood around for an hour and a half while a locksmith opened a gun safe. And once the gun safe was open, the lawyer showed up and he and I popped it open and did an inventory of what was in there. That was interesting. You know, most of the time it's not that. Fun. But but yeah, the relationships are everything. I'm at Flight Texas of look and safe as that. Good. You know, I, I'm be kind of fun to play with some guns and see what they got and yeah, I definitely, but I think that's, that's the, the key and it's not, it's not whether or not the time is well spent, it's. What do you have to do to make the time well spent? Yeah, you're already, you're already gonna be there. You know, you, you, you're, when you're in those circumstances and you can make the most of it, there's a chance to be in a relationship with somebody. think that's where their, the real time is spent. You know, think about any relationship you have, your, your spouse, your kids. For me at least, the, the real relationship building is not the magic moments, which are great, but it's the ordinary moments. So you make magical because you're committed to them. So good work Bill! Great job. Bud, thanks so much. Appreciate it. I see a hand up Lynette. Gunther. Lynette, how are you? How can we help you? Let's get you un muted Okay. So, I have a question. I have a, an attorney friend who asked me if he asked, He didn't ask the question. I'm gonna ask, I'm gonna ask this question. Does anyone know how to find properties that are abandoned by a deceased with no heir? Presumably no errors that would effectively go to the state qui. And if they go to the state, and these are properties with the state, how are those brokered out? Where, where do those go? Because I'm, I'm thinking the state, Well, I don't know, but I'm thinking the state doesn't wanna manage a bunch of, you know, single family homes and they liquid. Right, So I, I'm sure that varies by state and also by county. I can tell you in LA County what the process is, which is that when properties, for whatever reason, abandoned, there's citations or some the, it's known that the person who passed is outta the country and there's nobody there to take an arm. The county has a county attorneys the I think it's technically another district attorney, but the attorneys, the county have a department specifically for probate, and they will file the probate on behalf of the County of Los Angeles as the petition. And they will file to be the the administrator of the estate. Now they obviously have to put out, you know, publications and disclosures and sometimes I'm sure a family member will step in and say, Hey, you know, that's, that's my uncle so and so, or That's my cousin so and so, and I have the by right to step in and do it. So, The county is a, again, every law is different, Every state's different. But there's a prioritization. Well, I, I think so once they're identified, I, I, I know how to find, I, I know what to look for. So state administered probate properties, then it doesn't necessarily mean they have no errors. It does mean that the state is doing the probate administration, however, is that correct? Right. And then additionally, just to add one more piece, that in, in Los Angeles, the brokerage is set up by what's called an rfp, request for proposal process. Now, county LA has a largest county in America for probate. So the, we have a lot of these, and they all need to be court confirmed. I think it was five or 10 a month. And so they put out every year or two a contract that you can apply for to compete. The company is a na NASDAQ trade company, and they have a division that just does these here in LA and does a big business of that. Kennedy Wilson is the name of the company, and they do it at 4%. And everyone is an auction and they come in and do court confirmation every single one, four, 4%. So you, you know, you have to decide if you wanna compete for that business that's in la. And I, again, I think you should inquire in account you do business and to see what those procedures are. So, so, I'm, I'm sure there's a process. I'm sure there's something similar, you know, and, and I'll check and. I'm such a cynic. I'm like, Are you sure it doesn't go to the DA's brother? You know ? Yeah. It's so bad.. No, I mean, I, I know who the guy is. I'm like, No, no, no, no. It's just, you know what, you know, ly turn that point. I, I think to that point, again, not, not to answer your question specifically, but to share the process. So I don't know if you subscribed to any probate data. I subscribed a couple services and I do my own research as well, virtual assistance of scrap data. But I analyze the data from time to time to see who the parties are and you, you should look and see who the, who the attorneys are that do the most. And I found the county ones opt to the most and I just double check to see. And as I learned the process was by reverse engineering those listings. So I would definitely say it's worth, you know, getting the data and try to reverse engineer and figure out who those people are and, and then try to compete for that business. Thank you. Thank you. Is that it? Oh, there's more, but thank you . Okay. Not the answer you wanted. Sorry about the line. Thanks so much. No, no, no. I got, I got my answer. I, I just have a bunch of random questions and I, I wanna gather before I do it, so. Okay. Thanks so much. Okay. Other questions that we have here again just a quick repeat. My Thursday live stream is probably weekly, not

come Thursday, 4:

00 PM.


00 PM Eastern and then I do another program, get, which is specifically on how to use the advances in probate to help your clients get money to get the right attorney and or keep properties out foreclosure and such. Normally Wednesdays eight 30, not tomorrow, but a week or Wednesday to do that. Every Wednesday, eight 30. Any other questions? Still got some time left. Or not. Ok, I'll go again. So, I, I have probate leads. I'm considering all the leads. I'm, I, I wanna see what I'm gonna do with them before I pay for more. Is there, what, what's the company name? Where are you guys getting your best skip tracing in your data and your most reliable, consistent data? I don't use skip tracing because I'm not calling petitioners, person ally. So I'm sure somebody in the chat box has an answer or on probate Mastery's website can share script. I've seen that question asked and people answer that from time to time. As far as data I use probate, which is I think only California in certain counties. I like it cuz the format of the data, it creates a nice report they send to clients when they, when I'm talking about the, the, the case. And I use foreclosures for regular data. But, but what you're asking for is, is more the, the, the data that you're gonna upload. So you wanna be able to download the data in CSV format or Excel s format than said to a the skip chasing company. So, probably DA Probate's daily does that. And the whole caseload every month. Probate money limits you to a certain number of cases, which may or may not be enough for you. If you're gonna do the skip tracing, you should find a lower price service and do it yourself. All the leads they present that they do the best skip tracing and the data is the higher quality. I can't say I've, I've checked and I can, I can't confirm that or argue guests that I've never used their business for phone numbers. Okay. And Larry says batch skip tracing is pretty good. Okay. Anybody has the input on skip tracing software, skip tracing, seeing programs you use or your experience with it. Feel free to put in the chat box and we'll cover it. We can talk about it or if you go to the Probate Mastery website, put some information there. But I do think that's that's a important thing. I, again, I don't call petitioners. My business is strictly through attorneys and then other. Then other professionals in the industry. So I'm not working specific. I don't cold call petitioners. Okay, so DS has a question. I have a property under contract with the executor, but the heir is refusing to let us in for inspection. Thoughts on this. David Young. What's up? What's up man? Where do you have the property data contract at? Where's it at? This is in Stone Mountain, Georgia, like the outskirts of Metro Atlanta. I know. Stone Mountain, I, what it is. My wife went to Emory, so I know a little bit, a little bit about Atlanta and Stone Mountain's. A big, Yeah. Stone's in stone. Yeah. So this is a common thing where, you know, you have a property, a contract, which I presume is with an executor or one of the family members, and there's one, there's a different family member oftentimes. Like there's four brothers, One's maybe a little more professional and files a probate and, and signs the contract to get it listed and wants to sell it. And then there's another brother who. Maybe lived with his parents the whole time, never launched. Maybe it was taking care of them. They'll always say they were their primary caregiver, whether they are or not. That's always, you know, subject interpretation. But they're in the property. And then oftentimes in their mind, they're not paying a mortgage, they're not paying rent. All you're gonna do is sell the property, which means they have to move and start paying. They have to deal with that and they have to pay rent. They don't wanna do that. So they, in their mind, the easy solution is not to lie you in the property. So that's a challenge. And, and it's different, you know, in, in LA they're not a tenant, they're not a squatter. And I would say with the right legal help, there is a path to get them removed. The other reality is that as an error, They can be held accountable for the expenses of selling the property, the legal expenses to get them removed. And if there's extra costs, like caring costs, mortgages and taxes and such that they may not have thought about. So if the case is, is where they're gonna get you know, there's a property that's gonna sell. There's a $500,000 state and they're gonna get a fifth of it, you're gonna get a hundred thousand dollars. But if you have to, if it takes$10,000 in legal fees, that's gonna come under their share. All of. As well as any delays, and people don't know that. And so I do think sometimes you can explain that to people and why they should cooperate. But that's the challenge I would say, David. And the challenge of probate is you get these cases and the opportunity is if you're better at handling them than the other guy or the other gal, then you are gonna win. And so that means learning how to talk to people who, you know, are all types of people. Learning how to talk to the most successful wealthiest probate attorney, perhaps were investor and then the poorest of poor out on his luck air who's, who is scared to death and has never lived outside his parents' house his whole life. But you know, if there's four other errors, they're entitled to money too. So I'm not passing judgment on it. I'm just saying that's the challenge. And the challenges, the opportunity in probate and not having particular answers in Georgia where the law is different, I would, I definitely urge you to use this as an opportunity. David, are you a real estate agent or you investor? Investor, my wife, she's an agent. There you go. Excuse. So, so my question is, can he stop like the sale of the property, even though it's in, even though it's in's under contract. But he's like, where at first he would let us in to see the property before we got the contract. But once we got it under contract and we started getting the guys over there for the due diligence period, he stopped answering the phone and start answering the door. Now the, the executive saying that he wanted to contest their state you know, contest it, You know, stopping the sale of the property. My question is, can he stop the sale of the property even though the executive signed the contract? Great question. And can, can one error stop the, sell the property? And so the answer's gonna vary by state, You're in Georgia, I'm in California. And so you need to learn the laws in your state. And then the procedures vary by county. I can say in Los Angeles County, when I present with this, it, it won't stop the sale, but they can slow it down and raise expenses. So for example, If if they object to the sale, then the court might require court confirmation of the sale where they might otherwise not, which means you have to publicize, which costs hundreds of dollars. You have to file a petition, hundreds of dollars, have a court hearing attorney's fees for that could be thousands of dollars. Court a petition to confirm the sale at the end. But at the end of the day if you follow those procedures, the, the law in California's been written to create a pathway where they can object, they can state their objections. If they have some legit objections, it goes to court for confirmation. They can buy it if they think it's being sold too cheap, but they can't stop the sale if they're not a majority owner. Majority of the errors wanna sell the proper. There's a pathway with their right legal help to get it sold. Yeah, I don't know the laws at Georgia, it is different, but I would say, again, using this as opportunity for learning, not this case. And I know you wanna solve this case on the phone and I can help you with that, but for everyone on the call, this is opportunity to learn. I would find attorneys who specialize in. Evictions because this is a type of eviction. And I also would use this to find the right probate attorney. That was the process. Cause I'm telling you, the right probate attorney, they do this all the. Yeah, because like you say, it's five of them. 4, 4, 4. The air they want to sell, but he's the only one that's inside the property just trying to stop to sell other properties for being sold. It's another reason why he trying to stop, cause it's a six bedroom house and he got like four or five of the rooms rented out where he get like $700 a month. Each person in the house. Classic, you don't wanna stop that money train. There's that, there's probably some drugs going on in there. Who knows what else is going on inside there. Yes. No, that's, that's a classic probate case, and again, I think if you learn how to solve this problem, you have a chance to do it over and over and over again. So, yeah, I, I would, I don't have the answer for you, but other than to say I would use this as opportunity, you know, to, to reach out to attorneys who you might. You or your wife might wanna interview to hire, to help evict him. There's a term for it. I figure what it's called when they're, they've been let in with permission, but they don't have the right to continue to stay there. And that's what this person is. Mm-hmm., in least California law. And there's a pathway, get'em out, and you just need to have the right team lined up. And then if there's equity, either they have the money to pay for the attorney's fees or the attorney takes it on contingency or use a probate advance to get the money to pay for the attorney's fees, which is in this case pretty common. Sometimes it's also giving them some money to advance, to get them out because mm-hmm., Yes, some capa you know, it's a human being and, and even though I have compassion for the other heirs who are not getting their money because of. Guy who's violating the law mm-hmm., then they, they're still a human being. And the problem might be they may not know how to get outta the house. They need money. Pack stuff up first and last someplace else. And so sometimes probate advance if they're, if there's enough money in this date, half million dollars, give them $10,000 in advance. We give them some money to, to move on a little sooner. Yeah. I think it's probably about fo Yeah. And so maybe 50,000. And if he drags it out, he'll only get 40 or 35. But maybe he can get 40,000 by getting 10 now and 30,000 when the property sells, but he can give him some money now to get into action. Mm-hmm.. So again, that, that gets down to you developing the skill of communicating with people. You and or your wife, depending who's handling that, and then working with right attorneys and getting the team in place that can handle that for you. So, so Bill, I have a question about that. So it seems to me like the real estate contract, just standalone real estate contract, basically you're dealing with an at will tendency that needs that, that's a problem. So under contract, I mean, you know, I think the tenants come with the property unless something happens. Not sure. Just saying, and it sounds like an eviction. I, I think would, doesn't the executor administrator have a fiduciary responsibility to go through the due process to have them removed? And if it's, if it's a situation where they're like, you know, house hacking, that's one thing. If they need a social worker and have no way to near where to go, it sounds like another, but I, I appreciate the situation. I had it recently and good. This happens a lot. Also, if they have five or six tenants, that might be illegal, what they're doing. Right? Some properties aren't allowed. So I don't know about Georgia, but in, in LA you know, you're allowed to have so many people in a property and it's, cuz there's health violation laws that, that might be used to get them out as well. So there's a, there's a lot potential there. And, and I think but again, focus more on. Developing the tools for the solution than just this one case. And you'll have a business rather than just one transaction. Okay? Yep. Got it. Thanks Dave. Young, nice to meet you. Mm-hmm. Um, Terry Hunter says in Orange County, did an eviction. Interesting. After three days, the cops came and scored the former girlfriend of the deceased to the curb. Locksmith changed the locks. Cops told the evict not to return. Pretty harsh, but that was the way it worked. Yeah, if you've never been to a lockup before, it can be It can be confrontational. And they don't play around though. There are people who challenge the cops and it can be dangerous. So just be careful. And the attorney outfit handling the eviction claims have done 300,000 plus evictions in Orange County. I'm not sure that would be, I know Dennis Block has done a lot, the kind of a company does evictions. I find those two types. There's the. The paper mill, they'll, they do the paperwork, they do it fast, they do it efficiently, and as long as it's no hiccups, it will go through. And then there's other firms that represent tenants when it goes to hearings. And usually those are two different types of eviction attorney services. So I, I would say you wanna find both because once it goes, once the, the paperwork will paperwork mill ones. Just don't do a very good job in court, In my experience. They, they hire, hire people out. You have too many cases to pay attention to. So at that point, you want your client to be able to get a better attorney to actually go to court, represent them. TJ Cannon put in the chat box, we get our leads from all the leads it went through County with more than 50% we're already sold, is there a way to jump ahead of the system. Some counties are later getting the data out than others. All the leads sometimes was about three days later. That's why when I was calling petitioners, I, I used other services cuz they were a little faster on the draw cuz you wanna get them daily or weekly when they're filed to call right away, properties do come prepackaged. Sometimes people will say the property is sold. That's not really sold. They have in their mind they're gonna sell it to this family member. Or they have in their mind that they, they're selling to this investor but if they don't have the letters of authority, then technically they can't. And if there's other heirs as Lynette said, in the other case, they have fiduciary responsibility to the errors. So one thing is, my experience is when there's multiple errors on one guy and they say it's piece sold many times it's cuz he sung it to his friend on the cheap cuz he is gonna flip it and make money, kind of cheat the errors out of there, share the profit. And so if you can find one of the other hes, and see what they feel about it. You know, I see a property is being sold for three 50, but it's worth 500 and you know, you're entitled a third of that difference. Would you like to see if I can help you with that? And they just made that note. People feel powerless. Sometimes. It's an older brother who's abused them when they're young kids or something. So again, there's a lot of possibilities here. You but tj I'm not sure what county your, your data is in. Obviously faster data. Number one. Number two, people tell you it's sold when it's not sold. That's another thing Dave says, Reach out to the attorney, possibly. Yeah. Larry says, The most common squatter is a family member. That is the definite truth. I'm, I'm going through the chat box, sharing, looking at questions in case you're wondering Dylan asked, when you look at the court docket, what type of private hearing would be most beneficial sitting on? So, Dylan, I'm not sure what county you're in. I might, you know, I, we may have met before and I forgot or what state you're in. So when I went to court, you know, I had taken Chad's coaching at the prayer company and he challenged us. He said, If you're gonna be in probate, why not go and see what your customers go through? And so I went to court. What I discovered in LA was, It wasn't the type of hearing so much as the time of day. So in LA County in the morning, they had the eight 30 calendar, and this was a calendar with a lot of different items, but mostly they were disposing of approvals of, of petitions or denials, petitions right away, or setting hearing dates for another date. And so what was nice about it was so many attorneys were in the room between eight 30 and nine and so many petitioners. It was the most congested time of the day for the most people. And again, the more people you talk to, the more money you make generally. So I went in the mornings and then I learned then that among the things that happened in court in California court, there is a court confirmation of sale, and that's what we're talking about property. And I found out by going to them that about. Half the time the prop property didn't sell, then was continued to the next date. But now I saw some insight about the property. I saw who the agent was, I saw who the attorneys were. And so I learned that by going there, by looking for the court sales for me was the best. So it really depends on the state you're in, in the county, but my experience was first, see as many as you can. I would, I would kinda learn the whole calendar, like ideally you wanna be able to see probate cases from beginning to end, understand the whole. And then strategize from there what you wanna do and how you can make money. I found my, my way to making money in this business was also not just focusing on listings, but focusing on, I found properties at court confirmation that were good deals. I brought investors in and I learned that process, and then investors would buy it and I'd represent 'em, and then they'd flip it and sell it, and I would represent them on the sale side, the listing agent there. In fact, I have a 2.75 million industrial property that we're selling, and I got them on the acquisition side about six months ago. So that's what I learned by going to court. And then, let's see. Continuing here with Terry. Found that court personnel keep people not involved in the hearings, out of the hearing rooms. Interesting. So in LA County that was true with Covid. It was hard to get in than it is now. They're open to public legally, so they really can't. But I will say that like everything else, you wanna make friends with the people in the courtroom. I know for me, . I take notes on my iPad and I would go to the sheriff and because you're not allowed to text in the courtroom, and I would go to the sheriff and say, Look, it's on silent. And I just take notes and I, I showed them the court notes I was reading and they said, Fine, they allowed me to do it. So I don't know if there's a rule that allowed me or not allowed me, but if the sheriff allows me, then he's the one with a gun. I gotta stay in the courtroom. That's the rule. So I would definitely say that you always wanna make friends with people in the courtroom or, or anywhere. I would give gifts. At time, I'd bring candy sees candy out to all the sheriffs at the, at the security, you know, where they check you in with the mail detectors. I would just hand out gifts, stop press cards one year ceases candy another year. You know, the more you get the personnel on your side, the, the more benefits you get. Okay. Hey, we're, we're coming up to the top of hour, so, I don't go overtime here. Again, I'm, I'm not paid by the hour, but I don't want to take it too long. I wanna keep it nice and short and effective. Hopefully. It was interesting today we covered a lot of different topics. We do this every Tuesday at 12 New Pacific, 3:00 PM Eastern Time, and all the other time zones before, and this is Probate Mastery's Alumni call. If you wanna learn more about probate mastery, go to and has a lot of great free content. They have a great YouTube channel. They have great on all the social media. Facebook. Katt does a fantastic job on the social media if you wanna learn. I always tell people you can, You know, Chad gives way more for free than most companies sell. And if you don't have money to start with, follow along for free and then sell something and reinvest in yourself and get the coaching. We can afford it. But if you wanna expedite things, sign up for the coaching. Love to have you learn more and be more effective in your business. So it's probate We do this every Tuesday at 12 noon. I'm Bill Gross, I'm guest host this week. I'll be off the next two weeks, but Chad or somebody else will be here. Chad or somebody better than me, as if that's possible, will be the next two weeks. So thank you guys. Have a great rest of your week and if I can help any way you'll see me on the Probate Mastery website on Facebook or reach out personally. Thanks so much everybody.

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