Estate Professionals Mastermind - Probate and Senior Real Estate Podcast

I got free probate leads from the courthouse! Plus SOI and Referral Marketing in probate real estate

September 14, 2022 Probate Mastery Real Estate Mastermind Episode 85
Estate Professionals Mastermind - Probate and Senior Real Estate Podcast
I got free probate leads from the courthouse! Plus SOI and Referral Marketing in probate real estate
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This is episode 85 of the Estate Professionals Mastermind Podcast. The episode type is Weekly Certified Probate Expert Mastermind.

In this episode, you will hear how to get probate leads from the courthouse, 3 probate success stories, and marketing tips and ideas to help you build a better probate business.

Hosted by Bill Gross of Probate Weekly.

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In this episode:
0:00 The probate niche and probate data vs. leads (Probate Niche)
3:29 How to get probate leads from the courthouse free. (Probate Business)
14:49 Easy, No-Face Social Media Post Template for probate court (Probate Marketing)
18:28 Katt Marketing Coach Reviews (Marketing Coaching)
21:38 Attorney Prospecting Ideas & Ancillary Probate Listing (Probate Success Story)
28:20 Bill's probate investing deal from a YouTube lead (Probate Success Story)
30:03 Probate real estate referral systems and SOI marketing (Referral Marketing)

Congratulations to Bill for buying probate property, ClaireMonique for breaking out of her comfort zone, Deborah for getting a probate listing by providing value first, and Larry for hitting the pavement with his probate marketing plan.

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Two major takeaways from this episode:

1) ClaireMonique wasn't able to get a probate list from All The Leads (They didn't have Pinal County leads), but she took action and ended up getting 5 years worth of probate records for free and now knows a lot more about her local probate court! Follow her footsteps!

2) Bill is generating his business without cold calling probates; If you're looking for a way to stop calling probate leads, focus on building your personal brand and attorney referral system through relationships and content.

“The value is the process, not the results"

Thank you to all the real estate agents and investors, attorneys, and financial services professionals who make these calls a great learning experience. Until next week - Happy learning!

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Good afternoon. This is Bill Gross and I'm hosting today our weekly probate mastermind call. We do this every Tuesday at 12 noon Pacific,


00 PM Eastern time. And whatever time it is in Hawaii, I think 9:00 AM in Hawaii and all times in between in front and back. And we talk about all things probate real estate related. For those people who have taken the Probate Mastery program founded by Chad Corbett. It's meant to be participative. It's meant to be a place where you can come ask questions, share challenges, update on progress, share best practices. And you can do that by raising your hand in the zoom app, or put a question in the chat box. So love to have you participate. You can get more information on Probate Mastery at And, again, this is meant to be participative. It's not meant to be kind of like a thank you for buying and go on with your life kind of program. I wanted to share two topics and then we're gonna go into a real life agent who's in the process here. Two quick topics that came up to me this week. One is niches. And I think that I would say that unless you're in a small, you know, rural market, most of us who are in urban areas, probate really isn't a niche. It might be like a, a genre or super niche. And the people that I find who are successful in this business go into prob. And find within probate their own niche or their own path or their own lead generation method. And I think the misnomer comes from probate data companies that sell what they call probate leads. I would just call it data. And a real estate business might take the data and convert them into leads and then sales. And there are various processes or niches or systems you can use to do that. So if you follow me, you know, that I started going to court every day. That was my niche; I was the probate expert in court in LA county. And then over time, I built a great probate business; I relaunched my career at 60 years old from scratch in a year and a half. We built a great business. Of course COVID came and shut the courthouse down. I had changed my business format to another format. But what I wanna say is there's multiple ways to skin the cat on this call and on Chad's interviews. He's interviewed people that specialize in senior living; he's talked about probate advance work; he's had reverse mortgage lenders. There are a lot of different niches within the probate niche. I had a phone call today from a guy who I wanna show you shout to Aaron if you'reon the call, who was a bond rep I guess you would call him. And he sold bail bonds, but the same companies that do bail bonds also do probate surety bonds and the bail bond business went through some changes and instead he moved into probate surety bonds. He has used that to build relationships with attorneys and is now selling real estate as a result of that. Focus on the niche within the niche, and find your path - the method that works best for you. Don't just buy one from a company and tells you what to do. Chad has recently offered the EstateExec as a great tool, and I think a unique niche. In most markets, one to consider. But find that one. But the other part is, number two, you have got to get into action. What I admired about Aaron was he gave me a phone call. We talked a little bit about what he's doing, and we're gonna actually work on some programs together. And the reason why I think he'll be successful is because you gotta get into action. There's no program that I'm aware of where you can just buy data- not leads data- mail it out, or hand it to an ISA and sit back and have listings pour in. I don't think it's quite that simple. Maybe at some point in time, it gets that simple. But to launch a business requires more work, more strategy, and a more precise approach than just that. So those are two things I wanted to share today were number one, find your niche within the probate niche. And two, let's get into action now. Speaking of that, one of the people who's participated pretty regularly for a while is ClaireMonique. We're bringing her in because we were talking about how to get business from attorneys and one of the homework assignments was to go to your local court. So ClaireMonique, how you doing today? I'm good bill. How are you? Great and real quick, where are you from Arizona? And so what's the county courthouse. What county are you in? I went to the Pinal county courthouse. It's not Maricopa, which is the bigger county, but you went to Pinal county, right. Which is nearby. Right. And so, what inspired you to do that? Well, you challenge us last week. And I said I would, so I had to. Wow. Wow. You know, if my wife would ever do anything I asked her to do[laughs], I'm just kidding. She can't hear that. Thank God. Okay, so I challenged you to, and you did it. So what was experience like? It was really interesting. All The Leads cannot provide me probate information for Pinal county. But I, by going to the courthouse, I was able to speak with the court clerk who gave me the link to, or actually the website to go and order all the cases that were filed in that county for probate over the last five years. Boom! I just sent my request in last night, so once I get my list, then I'll start working it. What are they charge for that? Nothing. I'm sorry. More time. Did you say it's free data? Nothing? Yeah. My favorite price, my favorite price. I love anything that's free. I'm a little on the cheap side. Okay. So that's exciting. I'll tell you I'd love if you don't mind, if you're able to share the data and do some analysis with you, and maybe report back to you, what I learned by looking at, if you're open to that. But I think that you have a unique opportunity because I would imagine 99% of the real estate agents at Pinal county, would've stopped and given up. Right? Right. Including you up until recently. Yeah. Okay. So congratulations for getting over the hurdle. Now look behind you. There's very few competitors. Mm-hmm. So let's talk about, what else did you learn while you're there? I learned which court rooms the probate hearings are held in and what days they are heard. Interesting. So what days are they heard? Wednesdays and Thursdays. Mm-hmm . And, and where, what rooms are you top floor? First floor. No, on the first floor. Interesting. So do you think if you had a customer who's filing probate to get letters of authority and they have a hearing date set and they were gonna go to court, do you think you might be of benefit to them as a result of knowing where to go? Absolutely. Is there a coffee shop there or a little? Actually there is no coffee shop. There's no food in this courthouse at all. Are they allowed to bring in coffee? I don't know. I didn't ask. So you might wanna find out and if you have customer going, you might say, and by the way, I'll meet you there; I'll bring a Starbucks cause they don't sell coffee. Would that become a nice thing to keep a customer, a little? Who might otherwise be nervous? Keep a client kind of calm or appreciate or connected to right. Mm-hmm Okay, good. What else should you learn while you were at court? That it's not as scary as I had anticipated it would be. Oh, not as scary. Why would it be scary? You look like a grown woman. What, what, what do you think would be there? My experiences in courthouses has not been pleasant. Okay. Okay. There you go. Whose has? I'm not, I'm not gonna talk any details if you're not, okay? But I'll say as a kid, my father was an attorney and I did go to court with Dad. And that was kind of boring, right? If you're an eight year old kid, you're probably laying on the floor and the judge yells at you. That's kind of my memory of it. Going as an adult, we're not gonna talk about that. Okay, ClaireMonique. We're not gonna discuss, at all. So do you think other customers of yours might also think it's scary to go to court? Of course. And what can you tell them? It's not that bad. It's not as bad as you think. How valuable is that? Pretty valuable! Yeah, I think it's pretty valuable. And if an attorney has a client, you think they're, they're concerned their, their client might be nervous? Yeah! And how, how might they think about you as being there with the client, meeting them in court, having been there before, being able to assure them it's not that scary? I think that would be valuable to an attorney. I think so. Now, not all attorneys have the smarts to appreciate that. Many are too busy to appreciate that. And our job is to cut through the noise and help and give me opportunity to appreciate the resource you can bring. Okay. So now we've got data, we've learned where the room is, so we can be comfort to our customers. We can better help our attorneys. Right. Mm-hmm. Did you learn where to park? Where do you park at your courthouse? Right across the street from the across street. What's the cost? There's no cost. This is a tiny little county. So did you know is free when you went there? No, I did. So there you go. You can tell your client where to park. Yep! Did you know where to park when you went? I just followed the signs. Okay. But might ahead of time, if somebody told you, "oh, by the way you park right across the street on main street and first," would that be helpful? That would've been helpful. Yeah. Or maybe a map you sent a Google map ahead time. You showed where to park. Right? Right. You could meet them there and walk in with them, perhaps. Yes. When you walked to the courthouse, did they have, metal detectors and armed sheriffs? They do. Is that a little intimidating? No, not really. Okay. Let's if you have a client maybe on a walker or wheelchair, they might appreciate some help? Yes, there's a ramp. Okay. So some other things we learned now where to parking, how to access the building a little bit. Yes. While you're there. Do you do any social media? No, I did not. Extra credit next time. And for anybody listening and, and one of my team members, Patricia Castillo went to court in LA county for client was getting full authority. We knew they're going to get it, but that's not the point. The customer's still nervous. And she went and then she took a video on the way in, and she showed where the parking lot was and where the courthouse was. And when you come, here's where I'll meet. You know, in LA they charge to park, of course, we're Los Angeles. But now she has a video to send to her customer to say, oh, here's where you park. And here's where I'll meet. So it gives 'em a little more certainty. And then afterwards your customer got the authority and she, she did a video with a customer saying, oh, she got a lot of authority and she's all happy. And thanks for your help along the way. So next time for extra credit, if you do have a client going or not, leverage your time by doing some social media where you're there and posting it, okay? Okay. What's the number one thing that you got out of going to court that day? Well, so far, just the fact that I can request all the probate data, all the lists, all the probate cases that were filed in the last five years. And I can have access to that. That's unbelievable considering that from everything that I've learned from the course and from you and from Chad, that it takes about 18 months to maybe two to three years for a probate case to be completely settled. So that gives me plenty of opportunities to find the personal representatives and reach out to them at no cost. At no cost. Now I was just saying in Los Angeles, the average time of a sale of the house is two years from file date average, which means half sooner, half longer. I'm in escrow right now closing close one from nine from 2016. Six years old. So what was your face like when they said to you that probate leads are available and it's free? I wish I had a camera at that moment. What did you look like when she said that? I was shocked. I was really shocked. Yeah. She just, but the thing, what, what I found helpful was that the clerk was just welcoming and free with the information and the guidance. Now I wanna tell who's watching this either you're live or you're on, on YouTube. They're not, it's not all like this. The point of this conversation is not to say, go to your county court because it's free to park and they're nice and friendly, and they're gonna give you all the data for free. That's not the point. The point is she learned that by going and the value is the process, not the result. Because they don't sell the data, but she was there. There'd be some other manner for her to get the data. Maybe there's a computer or there's a research room, or there's a person that you can hire. There's some answer to the question and your job in your county, where you do business is to figure that out. And she did that for her case. And that's how it is. And maybe some of the data hast to be skip traced and you know, the phone numbers. Okay. All that's true. Um, she can do that on her own. She has data. She can get the phone numbers by there's data services she can work with. But the real power is going there. The real power is taking responsibility to learn how to solve the puzzle, not just taking somebody else's word for it. So, ClaireMonique, I just wanna tell you how proud I am of you, and I appreciate you sharing it with us. I think a lot of real estate agents would've just run off and celebrated and kept it to themselves. But I think you know that by helping other people behind you, you're gonna be uplift to yourself. So wish you continued success. I would love to see the data. Thank you. I would love to search it and who the attorneys are the different types of data available. If you're interested, reach out to me, I'd love to see if I can help you with that. Get some ideas what to do with it. Okay. Fantastic. Thanks so much. Okay. Larry says that. Is she gonna have to skip trace the leads? I guess we'll find out when she gets the data. And maybe that is the answer she'll have to figure that out, but that's a lot cheaper and easier to skip trace the phone numbers if that's the way she wants to go with that. And then Brian asked, how are you reaching out to the personal representative's phone, email or email? Brian? Is that a question for her or a question for me? Claire. I don't think she, she doesn't have a data yet, so I don't think she can answer the. And so typically the filing forms don't have the person representative's phone number, it has the attorney's phone number and email. And then you have decide how you wanna approach it from there. So, but when she gets that, she'll figure it out. And then, uh, Larry says, had to put it into Excel format. Skip trace the list for sure. Maybe, you know, there's a lot of ways to do that. Larry, I would say, you know, one way would be to skip trace and phone call; one way would to skip trace and email; one way to skip trace and send the mail. Another one would be to see who the attorneys are controlling the business and reach out to them. Another one might be look where the properties are and go to the properties. So there's a lot of different ways to work the probate business. But if you have the data and this is the other thing I wanna tell everybody, I don't cold call petitioners, but I get the data. I use the data to help me understand who's doing business. You know, when I get a case, I work with attorneys. I work with vendors who gimme referrals, but I still need the data. So it may or may not. It be important to skip trace them. And, yeah the value is the process, not the results, you know, I think that's the key to our business. We as real estate agents focus so much on, "if I do this I get the results." And that's why tell agents, when you start out in business, maybe not starting out in this probate niche, but you start in business, the best ways to start is cold calling on the phone and door knocking. Why? Well, one is just the process of cold calling and the process of door knocking gets you talking to people and you have to get good at talking to people no matter what process you're in. In my case, I generally have inbound referrals, but I still have to be good at talking to people on the phone. Then eventually you have to be good at meeting them in person. So the process of going to court's not just what, again, I think it's a gold mine that she got the data for free in her county. That's not true in most counties. But the process of going there is even more valuable. I don't think she realizes yet, but my guess is a year from now she'll really appreciate that even more. Brian says first stop is the probate office at the courthouse. My challenge to all of you is you shall go if you're, if you won't be a probate expert, at least go once. And while you're gonna go shoot a video of the parking lot, shoot a video of walking in, what that's like, shoot a video.. You can't do video generally in the courtroom or photos, but you can do one going in and you can do one going out. Okay. A lot of love for ClaireMonique. Congratulations. Fantastic. Okay. Good Claire. Thank you for sharing with us. Appreciate it. That's not Pinal county, just a random courthouse photo. Ha ha. Yeah. Oh, okay. You can show that I made a quick template. So ClaireMonique said she didn't get to record anything on social, but you can accomplish a social post without having to record a video there. So there you go! Right? So here's a quick template I made in two minutes. It's not Pinal county. I just put "courthouse" and that picture was there. But put three tips, customize it, upload it to your social media platforms and then write a description talking more about your court visit. And obviously if you guys have any questions, if you're going through probate, get in contact with me, your Certified Probate Expert! Well, I'll tell you what also, if you Google search Pinal county courthouse, you're gonna find pictures of the courthouse. Yeah. You can just throw any like whatever your county is, whatever your courthouse is, put that in there for the familiarity, right? People will stop scrolling as they're going through their Facebook timelines because they see a picture of something. In most counties, the courthouse is somewhat iconic. Like in LA, the, Stanley mosque courthouse is somewhat recognizable. Movies and TV and things like that. I'm sure it's true in other counties, people who've been there for marriage license or divorce proceedings or whatever are likely recognize it. I would definitely say, it's easy to get actual photos of your own county. It's not even hard. And they're generally speaking, they're available for reuse. So, but a good job Katt! Of course, within two minutes she has a social media post you guys can all use. That's fantastic. Yeah. You just gotta click. I think that there should show a little teeny pencil at the bottom toolbar. It's not that visible, but it should be there when you click that template link so anyone can customize it quick. But really all it is is a picture with some text. So just get creative, put your brand colors in it. I'm not a big fan of always slapping a logo everywhere possible, but if you feel like you need to do it for brokerage compliance, go ahead and do that. Please follow all laws. Whether you feel like following them or not. Just, yeah. Good making fun. I'm sorry. It was joke. A little real estate compliance humor. Sorry about that. I will just say this, in California at eXp Realty, we should put our logo on any social media on our business page. It should be there somehow. Now your page can have your logo and your private, real estate number on it. Then every post doesn't have to have it. But it has to be either somewhere in your process. People who post stuff on their personal page, that won't work. If you're posting on a business page or business channel that has that marking on it, then yes. I think you compliant there. Yep. And that's a good point too. You guys, if you haven't really launched your social media wings, you don't have all your channels set up: it's a good consideration to make whether you wanna set a profile that's gonna be personal where you talk about your business, or business where it's always gotta be business branded. Yeah. That's the whole thing. You know, personally, I had a YouTube channel for years ago when I came to launch, a YouTube channel. I had been, I've been doing some live stream on Facebook for a while and said, I wanna put it on. And YouTube wouldn't allow me to put up more than 10 minutes or something at the time, but my old YouTube channel, it was personal. I had already done it for a while and so they allowed me to. So really my YouTube channel is my personal Google account, which a little backwards, but I was able to do some things and now I've built it and it's kind of late. If you're gonna start over, you wanna do it the right way. Lisa says, Katt, you're rad, you did that in two minutes. No, I'm sorry. Lisa. It took her two and a half minutes. Katt's not quite that good [laughs]. I'm just kidding, she's pretty amazing. Okay, put her template back up. Yes, it's a Canva link, and then you can edit yourself if you want to do that. And yeah, and logo and MLS number, I believe. Yeah. Again, that's all personal, follow your rule. Make sure you follow your state rules and make sure you follow your brokers rules. Cause we all want to be compliant. Nobody's gonna visit you in jail. Okay. That's been kind of fun talking about going to court. Any, the questions, challenges, comments, who's in process here, work on something that we can work on together. Larry. Let's keep you unmuted here. How's that? That's fantastic. What's up, Larry? Hey, a victory. I did a marketing consultation with Katt last Friday. That was well worth it. If you haven't done it, I'd recommend it. Oh, he had a lot of homework. I I'm still working on your homework and I still gave you high grades for that still. Um, and I will tell you that her Katt kind of concerned me cuz while we were on the call on the zoom call. She wasn't taking any notes that I could make. I'm taking notes. She's not doing anything but talking and giving great advice. And then about an hour later, I get this email beautifully formatted with all these action items and stuff. And, um, it was really good except it was really much longer than I remembered it being so. That was good. And, I just got 115 leads from all the leads today. So now the real work begins working a database, making the calls, doing the follow up, all that good stuff, but exciting, nothing earth shattering, but you know, just following the process. Nice. So Katt you know, I know that I set up one day and you did coaching for me on brand. I don't see that on the website. Am I missing something? So it's it's because it's being set up through the Magnum Opus Project website, which isn't fully designed and built yet. We just have a small Kajabi store. Okay. Through our, like our LMS, where we host our courses, which I can link. Sure. Yeah. That's why I found it. Those are interested. Um, but she did a great job of kind of helping me clarifying some branding issues and definitely worth looking into, so she'll put the link in then chatbox with that. Good, So, congratulations. And now the real work begins and Larry, remind me, where do you do business? Dallas Fort worth, Denton county primarily. Denton county. Very nice. Well, come back report that. So what's your, what's your battle plan? What are you gonna do? That was the subject of the phone call. The strategy was so, uh, Tuesdays and Thursdays are reaching out, calling personal representatives Wednesdays are going to talk to attorneys and other service professionals. And then I'm leaving Mondays and Fridays open to go to the PRs and look at the houses. And if I need to Saturday morning for an hour, I'll catch up some phone calls. So that's kind of, kind of the schedule going in. We're gonna work it on both ends. Nice. If we can, uh, push out some, uh, help some families excellent. Working on both ends. Nice. Well, more people you talk to the more money you make. So let's get action. Okay. Absolutely. Fantastic. Thanks. Thanks so much. Okay. Thanks guys. Carrie has a question about, she took the CPE qualification course just before it was revised. Can I go through it again? Uh, that's a Katt question or, oh yeah. Just send us an email and Tom will get you set up with proper login credentials so you can access everything. Very good. Fantastic. Thank you so much. Deborah Wilson hand up. Let's get you in here. What is going on, Deborah? Yeah, Hi Bill! Hi everybody. I just wanted to say I had a small win, but I guess it was a big win to me. I went to an attorney. Well, I didn't go. I sent a video of. Talking to the attorney and I called her to tell her I'm gonna send it. So then I did send it and she was very friendly. She had written an article in a senior form, which is a newspaper, a little thin news paper for a senior citizens. And she wrote a probate article and that's what I was calling her to let her know that it was very well written. I enjoyed it. It would help a lot of people and maybe we could get some coffee and talk about, uh, how we could maybe. I don't know how I ended it, but it was something to that effect. Nice. So I thought I finally took some action and I wasn't afraid and I thought, you know, I'm just gonna start with women attorneys. I think, well, they could be mean, but I think, oh yes, I could get along with oh yes. Just FYI. Yes. They can be! So, and I also had a probate property and the owner now he lives in San Diego. So he had to come back to Ohio a number of times to get stuff straight. And in the meantime, I was like the project manager, you know, I'm getting the people to clean the house and for somebody to take the trash in a dumpster. I'm not getting paid for that. I will get a commission, but, so I did a number of things like them that to help them. And they're here now to finish everything up, so... Nice! Okay, so you're in star county, Ohio. So, um, have you been to county courthouse in star? Yeah, we don't ha it's not in the courthouse. It's like in the, um, city building or something. There's another building, but yeah, I have been up there and they're, our process is totally different. They told me that they don't have a regularly scheduled stuff. You have to wait until an attorney is coming there for a certain reason. I spoke to the magistrate, which I didn't even know what that means, but anyway, he's the guy in charge. And it made, he made it seem like they, they don't do it like your county does it in California. Like there's nothing ever going on that. You can't just go up there randomly. You have to go when they're actually having something. Wow. Well, nobody has anything like Los Angeles. We're very, that's a whole different world. Yeah. Um, anyway. Okay. Well, I, I would say just, you know, go there and learn and meet the people. Maybe take 'em out to coffee or lunch or bring 'em a gift or something, but definitely if you know those people, you're gonna have the inside track on it. So good job.. Yeah. I have been to the probate office where the ladies work, back there and they're helpful. So good. Well, I would be their best friend if they let you go back there and talk to, 'em. See in LA they have like these dividers and there's plastic and there's this. Yeah. And they don't talk to you. And it's very anonymous. But if, I mean, like when I was a mortgage officer, when I started the business and you go to real estate offices and often the front desk would keep you from going to the back. But if you can get into the back area, I could spend all day in a back office, meeting people and talking to 'em and chatting 'em up. That's how you build business. So I would be their best friend. So good. Good for you. Good. Thank you. Congratulations there. Good job. Okay, so somebody asks and somebody asks a question, I guess it's not self-promotion, but I have a program tomorrow that I run called And that is I do Wednesday morning, tomorrow

morning, 8:

30 A.M. Pacific time. I'm gonna do an overview and a presentation on it. And then the coaching program, if you wish to continue with a small group mastermind, with all the content. That's four weeks starting on Thursday. Get I'll go over all those details with you. 499, 10 person mastermind. If you wanna join, you don't need to join. Tomorrow's free and I will do an interview and my goal is to bring in vendors and talk about the product on that Wednesday call. So hopefully that will be a value for everybody who's involved with probate again tomorrow, 8:30 at Pacific time. Get Hope you guys can join us. Okay, good Deborah, fantastic. ClaireMonique, fantastic. Larry can. Fantastic. Who else has something that with share victories, or, wanna share any questions? So Larry asked, can you talk about how you use estate exec software to market with I'm not using it currently. I've looked at it like to add it in my system. Not quite sure how I'm kind of still learning the process a little bit about it. So I can't, if there's somebody who's using it, I know Chad talks about it. There's some interviews on the website. I would look at that. Um, but personally, I can't really add anything to that at this. I'm not sure if Brian Wilson's on the call right now, but I know he just spoke with Chad today. He took action immediately after going through the EARN course and immediately started reaching out. I'm not sure if that pertains to using the Estate Exec software, I don't know if I see him on here still. But in any case, that should be publishing Friday. I try for Thursday, but I'm probably gonna publish it Friday. Great. There you go. ClaireMonique says, I couldn't get on. I don't know what happened. I had, we had big turnout. So, thanks for all those who supported. We'll do it again tomorrow and it was recorded. If you sign up for it, you get an email of the replay. So, hopefully you'll get it tomorrow. Or if you email me ClaireMonique I'll send you back a link directly. Okay. Bill I think that the reason I may have been locked out is because I tried to log in while I was at the office and mm-hmm and there are certain parameters that are locked. So the dot cash might be one of them. I'll try to log in tomorrow from home. OK. Sometimes I try different browser, you know, I use a Chrome browser. Sometimes the thing doesn't work, most computers have preloaded the edge browser on it, or safari for an apple. I have Firefox. So someone's just a different browser will get you through. Sometimes there's just different settings, that one program doesn't like for whatever reason. So, I see a question here from Nina she's asking, does anybody have a go-to bond company for removal of liens? So that's more of a general real estate issue. Oftentimes you'll have liens on. Sometimes you'll you'll have on a title report and it will have an old lien, something wasn't paid off, they had a small loan, personal loan judgment, and, they can't find the person to reconvey it to clear the lien. And so sometimes you have a bond company, people will bond around, you put money up and they they'll clear the title and then they'll solve the problem after the fact. So if you know, if somebody there go to a Probate Mastery Facebook group and you can answer that and then, let's see. Evan gross. My namesake. No, no relation.

I'm aware of:

"who else is in St. Louis, Missouri and would like to meet up and discuss real estate?" He's visiting from New Jersey this week. So if you're in town, hit him up and I think that's about it. We can keep it short. If you guys are busy, you guys busy, I'm busy. I got a new listing yesterday as an investor. I'll share you a little story also. So, I had a listing yesterday, which is great, and that's my basic business. I had a listing, it was a small property. It was a friend through my company. The broker referred them to me because he needed some help because it was a probate, a very complicated one and I was the listing agent. And it's turning into a short sale and we couldn't get an offer, which I was surprised at the price we had because it's not in the city, it's in a more rural area, but I think it's a great deal. And I said to the seller, listen, this is not normal. It's been the market for week now. I'd be glad to write an offer. I can't represent you I'd have to resign as a listing agent and write the offer. I represent myself as a buyer's agent. You have somebody else you'd like to replace me with and let me present an offer. So I got my offer accepted a short sale on a really good deal. So in addition, I think, I think the market in some places that were red hot, the markets are already moving in that direction. You'll see some foreclosures, you'll see some short sales or see some distressed properties. If you're watching my YouTube at all, I don't think we're heading to crash or crisis, but at the margins there'll be more deals and more investor opportunities. And I think for all of us. I'm a real estate broker first, but at the same time I have my investor business card in my pocket. As soon as I find the opportunity, I'll whip it out. In my case, I did want to make sure I disclosed fully. I talked to the broker, make sure they're okay with it and follow all the rules, sign all the paper and all that kind of stuff. I think there'll be more of those opportunity. Truly, there's nothing special about the listing being a probate, but it is a trust sale, there are two trusts for the sellers and some complicated issues on the land and an agent out of state who's related to the sellers. She referred it to me. So she saw me in my YouTube channel. So what I tell people, so the question Larry asked is, was the listing for probate. What I tell people is my lead generation is exclusively probate. My business about half is probate and half is not because when people know I'm an expert in probate, they call me with other problems. I had a real estate program call me about two years ago. He had a, he was a litigating, he the civil litigation and they were considering liening a property and he asked. To do a broker's price opinion on two properties. And I mean, I'll bet you guys, I do this for free to try to get listings. So I gave him a about two page report. I had comps on both properties. It was actually the same property, two times at the time of the incident and then current. So like one 10 years ago. And when now, so I had to pull the old data up and run it. It probably took me an hour. I haven't thought about it and the, because he's an attorney who's giving me other business. So I'm glad he called and said, Hey, we settled and I need you to submit me an invoice for your work. And I said, what? I know, what are you talking about? You sent a broker's price opinion. We pay you for that. I said, well, how much he goes, I don't know, what do you wanna charge? I said, you know, probate referee would charge 1% of the value. So it was $454. He said, great. I emailed and he paid me. So I made $454 yesterday. You know, I basically did the BPO and an invoice. So, when people ask is my business, how much of business probate? I'd say, you know, half of it is probate listings where the disclosures probate, yes. But all of it's because of my probate marketing, I met that attorney in court. I guess three and a half or four years ago, just walking down the aisleway we had met socially, I'd met him. He knew who I was. We walked by each other. I even know his name. I'd forgot his name or didn't remember it or whatever. And we chat a little bit and I got his card and I put him in my marketing program and reached out to him and called him. And and as a result, he's given me three or four listings. And then I got this $40, you know, free thing yesterday. So, uh, it's not about the probate. It's about serving your customers. And I really believe that the money we get paid is a reflection of the value we create for our customers. And if you focus on creating value for customers, the money will come at you, you have to worry about it. And, and in working too spiritual, I think it comes from my spiritual beliefs that we're here to support each other. The system was created for us to be financially incentive, to support each other. When you focus on that, you'll have more money than you ever need. So, and if you're chasing the money, my experience is you'll never find enough, but if you're chasing people's problems to help them and comfort them and serve them, you'll have more money. They never need more, more love and appreciation. You have. Um, okay. Another question from Larry, Larry, thank you for the questions here. Are you getting business from PRS and errors that you worked with on their real estate? I've gotten referrals from PRS and errors. Yes. I don't get as many because I think the nature of probate, at least in LA skews, lower. I think lower income people have less business to refer you to. Also, I don't really spend my time on. Consumer referral marketing. I just don't enjoy it. It's not, it's not good. And I know people love it. You know, my, one of my team members, she has, you know, parties every holiday season and she invites people to things and she posts on social media about herself and her family, which is great. And she loves that. I really rather, I really enjoy working on the hard probates more than I do, uh, and it all works out. So to answer your question, I think you can get a lot more business from PRS and errors than I'm getting. Um, but that's just not my focus and I I'd much rather work on attorneys and, and vendors and referrals from other agents than the PRS and errors. That's just me. Um, are they in database? Yes, I put everybody ever meet everybody I talk to is in my database. I email everybody. If you gimme your email address, ya me, for a reason I'm gonna email you. I don't scrape emails, but when I talk to you and you give it to me or you email. I'm gonna email you back. And as such, I send out a weekly email to everybody in my co I database, uh, about 12 or 1300 people. I also, because I'm building a national team of real estate agents of probate agents, uh, nationwide. Um, I email to agents and some have joined my team as a result of that. So I email them that I also emailed probate related stuff, and I promote my probate channel through my email database as well. So, but I email a lot and I think I'll tell you guys a cute story. The other day, uh, I was in the market and a real estate agent who never, you know, we're, we're cordial. He's one of those guys who does like a deal a year. He's not really engaged in the business. He would always come to my office when we had parties, I think for the free or DS, whatever, he's a nice enough guy, no harm. So he walks up to me and says, bill, I talked to you a second. I said, yeah, he goes, you know, I gave her emails. I go, oh, okay. Thanks. He says, well, no, no, you send way too many. and, and of course you think about it. How would you know if I, if you're getting too many, if you haven't unsubscribed, right? Like you could always unsubscribe, so you wouldn't get too many, but also they're too many to him because he hast wanna do business business with me. That's okay. I mean, my open rates are phenomenal compared to most real estate agents. Because there are people who wanna do business with me and those who don't have unsubscribed, I'm finding the way like my job in life is not to convert people to wanna work with me. My job in life is to find people who wanna work with me and give them value. And so I think as agents, our social media needs to be really on point to engage with people and understand not everybody's gonna work with you. Not everybody's gonna appreciate you, whatever. Um, I'll tell you another cue story since I'm on the. Cat's listening in. She's really a social media expert. But so when I do, uh, video, you may remember, I used to have not have the headset and I have these, um, kind of fancier earbuds that go come like newscasters. They go up behind your back and they go into your ears. You can't see them. You would look like you didn't have any headset on. And I would take the microphone out of the picture. And one of my real target referral partners. One time. I was like wearing a headset, cuz those earbuds get a little tiring on your ear. And so I had it on, he goes, I love you with the headset on the microphone. He said, you should go that way all the time. So again, uh, you know, people who think of me as being high tech. People in my world, if you were a headset and have a microphone, you're high tech to high tech people, not having headset and not have a microphone's high tech, but that's not my audience. My audience are impressed that I even have a microphone and have a headset. So, um, yeah, so definitely I would put everybody to answer your question, Larry, everybody I ever meet goes on my database. Some of you guys got my email. Some of you've been subscribed. I get nasty emails only from realtors threatening to Sue me because they claim to unsubscribe 20. I personally unsubscribe everybody who sends an email, even though they could have hit the unsubscribed button. I do it myself gladly. That's my price, but I won't tell you don't let it bother you. Don't let it stop you from serving the people you love and care about. Uh, the other people don't appreciate you. Okay. Other questions? Comments. I don't see any hands up. I think we had everything in the chat box. Anybody else have any victories losses questions? Oh my gosh. I'm just lost. Help me anything? No. Going once going twice. Anything sold? Um, love to have you participate. If you're interested, get, Get

Tomorrow morning, 8:

30 AM. Pacific time. I wanna talk about using advanced inheritances to, as a tool in your business if you're a realtor or investor or attorney. I'm gonna do an overview. I'm gonna have some content on that call weekly. And then if you're interested, I'm looking for, to create a mastermind of people and go deeper on that topic. is a program. If you haven't taken it, sign up, take it, come here. This the student mastermind. We get together and share along the way, how to get over those challenges. Push through the obstacles like Claire, Monique. We're gonna push you to do some business for those of you who heard Claire Monique's story. I challenge you go to your courthouse. Just go. When you go there, take some video, take some notes, take video beforehand. When you park your car, take a video. When you leave, share your social media, come here and share what you learn with a team. That way we can all improve ourselves. Otherwise everybody, thanks for being here Tuesday, noon, Pacific. Appreciate you. Love you guys. Thank you. Very help. Reach out to me if I can help you in any way and have a fantastic week. Thanks everybody.

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